Data Platform Presentation

This is a second iteration of the Gartner Summit presentation notes

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Data Platform Presentation by Mind Map: Data Platform Presentation

1. The Story

1.1. Exposition

1.1.1. Background What the heck is a Data Platform? Properties of a Data Platform Paul's slide deck (for reference) How does it fit into our digital future? IT Services is undertaking an overarching, enterprise-wide program to modernise and strengthen the data management and information-based decision-making capabilities at Queen’ The data maintained in the platform will enable users to make informed, data-supported decisions faster and more effectively, which will enable Queen’s to achieve and exceed its performance goals.

1.1.2. broad summary This conference has enabled us with the knowledge to avoid falling into the common pitfalls a data platform project can encounter There are many new and interesting roles needed to make Analytics a success Skills are scarce Lessons learned Strategies for success Some data stories

1.2. Climax

1.2.1. So what are we going to do? We are aligning ourselves with the ITIL, DevOps, Agile practices that ITS would like to follow Iteratively build Data Platform Engage stakeholders through entire fulfillment of their business use case. Expand our list of existing business cases Faculty of Arts & Science School of Graduate Studies IRP HR Advancement Engineering OUR API Microservices

1.3. Falling Action

1.3.1. So many opportunities! we can be a part of it We are key enablers of Queen's digital future!

1.4. Resolution

1.4.1. Exciting times ahead! do you see data that is siloed? We want to know! What are your interests in this space? Talk to us!