North Bay and District Multicultural Centre

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North Bay and District Multicultural Centre by Mind Map: North Bay and District Multicultural Centre

1. Settlement Services

1.1. Needs Assessment

1.2. Support Networks

1.3. Referral to Community Services

1.4. English as a Second Language

1.5. Workshops

1.6. Employment Support

1.7. Help Filling Out Documents

1.8. Connecting to the Community

2. Skilled Newcomer Career Loan

2.1. Upgrade Credentials

2.2. Eligibility Quiz Available

2.3. Up to $5000

2.4. 7% Interest Over 3 Years

3. Translation Services

3.1. Fee Required

3.2. Translate Documents

4. Addressing Equity and Inclusion Through the Anti Racism Lending Library

4.1. Free to Borrow

4.2. Culturally Relevant Resources

4.3. Developed from a Grant from the Community Builders Program

4.4. Selected by Representatives from the 4 Local School Boards

4.5. Available to Teachers, Schools and Community Groups

4.6. Contact [email protected] for more Information

5. Vision and Goals

5.1. Equal Opportunity of All Newcomers

5.2. Full Participation

5.3. Valued Recognition of Newcomers

5.4. Views Newcomers as an Integral Part of Community Life

5.5. Non Profit Organization

5.6. Serving Newcomers to Parry Sound, Nipissing, Temiscaming and Cochrane

6. Assessment of Services

6.1. Annual Report

6.1.1. Thoughts on Activities

6.1.2. Thoughts on Challenges

6.1.3. Successes for Each Year

6.2. Strategic Plan

6.2.1. Direction and Vision for Immediate Future

6.2.2. Aims, Actions and Outcomes

6.2.3. Community Engagement

6.2.4. Responsive and Constructive Leadership

6.2.5. Community Capacity Building