History of the USA

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History of the USA by Mind Map: History of the USA

1. 13 British colonies founded the USA. The Declaration of Independence.

2. America's revolution (1776)

3. American Civil War (1861-1865)

4. First president George Washington (1789–1797)

5. USA declares war on the British Empire (1812)

6. North States -Farms -Didn't keep slaves -Production for Self -Advanced factories -building railroads (1820-1830) South States -Cotton plantations -Labor-imported slaves -Cotton was exported to Europe

7. Amount of companies grew over 3 times, workers over 4 times and production grew almost 7 times (1860-1900)

8. USA's economy started to grow (1920), but the stock market crash in 1929, caused an economic crisis (1930)

9. USA took part in WW2 sided with the Allied forces

10. After WW2 began the Cold War between the USA and the USSR

11. First man on the moon (1969)