Methodological principles of CLT and TBI

Principles of CLT

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Methodological principles of CLT and TBI by Mind Map: Methodological principles of CLT and TBI

1. use tasks as an organizational principle

1.1. real

1.2. pedagogical

1.3. sample task-based method

2. promote learning by doing

2.1. cognitive engagement

2.2. active approach

3. input needs to be rich

3.1. wide range of authentic material

3.2. do bot constantly switch back and fourh between students and TL

3.3. set a good example for the students

3.4. provide clear guidelines

4. input needs to be meaningful,comprehensible and elaborated

5. promote cooperative and colloborative learning

5.1. facilitator of learning

6. focus on form

7. provide error corrective feedback

7.1. positive feedback

7.2. negative feedback

8. recognize and respect affective factors of learning

8.1. anxiety

8.2. success