Healthcare Information Systems

Kristina Hunter Week 2 Activity

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Healthcare Information Systems by Mind Map: Healthcare Information Systems

1. Medical Billing

1.1. Manages Patient Bills

1.2. Processes medical payments /fees

1.3. Calculates late fees, sends bills and updates patients account

1.4. Manages office accounts in relation to finances

2. Electronic Medical Records

2.1. Healthcare Information management in the form of digital health records

2.2. Includes patients history, diagnosis treatments, medications, allergies, X-rays test results and more.

2.3. Monitor and improve overall quality of care within the practice

2.4. Ability to monitor patients blood pressure readings or vaccination within specific standards

3. Patient Portal

3.1. Results from blood work, test results and cultures

3.2. Ability to set appts or cancel if needed

3.3. Communication with nurse/doctor if appt is not needed or questions on meds

3.4. Update personal info including address, phone number or insurance info

4. E-Prescribing

4.1. Communication between doctors and pharmacy to fill medication

4.2. Ability to refill or change medication dosage between office and pharmacy

4.3. Approval and release of narcotic medication

5. Electronic Health Records

5.1. Ability to track data over weeks and months

5.2. Alerts professionals of when a patient is due for treatment or shots /vaccinations

5.3. Tracks and documents doctors and nurses notes and summaries

5.4. Bridge between offices and medical providers

5.5. Helps diagnosis and treat patients based off of health history

6. Practice Management

6.1. Ability to manage and maintain a successful EHR system

6.2. Supports staff and organizes training's and learning opportunities

6.3. Supports staff with supplies and efficient equipment and facility