Critical Literacy

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Critical Literacy by Mind Map: Critical Literacy

1. Sociopolitical Realm

1.1. Domination & Privlege

1.1.1. Those in the majority group get preferred treatment

1.2. Ideology

1.2.1. Behaviors enforcing literacy levels are intentional even if not conscious

1.3. Oppression

1.3.1. Inadequate economic provision -less schools, supplies

1.4. Agency

1.4.1. Emancipation is the ability to self determine one's own outcomes

2. Tensions

2.1. Schools are seen as perpetuating the dominant power structure

2.2. You cant make the poor rich, reverse the wrongs in society, punish the unjust or free all marginalized groups in society from the weight of oppression.

2.3. Third Space - students cultural background influences curriculum

3. Intersections of Critical Literacy and Multi Model Literacy

3.1. Multi-literacy

3.2. movies

3.3. hollywood

4. Implications of Critical Approaches to Literacy Practices

4.1. Awareness of those those being mistreated and those that bring about mistreatment

4.2. Written texts represent information built on and presented in previous schemas

4.3. Schools need to transform the way information is presented to overcome the above biases

4.4. Encourage discussion and dialogue and away from lecture

4.5. Students can question social inequalities

4.6. Reflect on application of knowledge to life situations

5. New Directions for Critical Approaches

5.1. social media sites

5.2. new wide open standards

5.3. world wide web

6. What is it?

6.1. The study and practice of determining bias in various texts and media. by actively engaging with the text, students become more perceptive and societally aware.