Schema Theory

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Schema Theory by Mind Map: Schema Theory

1. Past experiences and knowledge

1.1. History of animal in story/what to expect from that animal

1.2. Different uses of words/activate different schema- sometimes inaccurately.

2. Comprehension is affected by our Schema

2.1. If it doesn't fit in with what we know, we might re-read the paragraph.

3. Schema helps inform us what is important

3.1. When we don't have knowledge we don't know what is important.

3.2. When text is above the students reading levels, they tend to create a fragmented text base.

4. Mental Model

4.1. Account for what the text means

4.2. Using background knowledge to create fiction world.

4.3. Mental model reflects the key information in the text and how it is organised.

4.4. Goes beyond what is explicitly stated and includes higher-level inferences the reader has made and the background knowledge the reader has.

4.5. A mental model is an example of knowledge transforming as opposed to knowledge memorizing.