Mindmeister as an assistive technology tool.

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MindMeister by Mind Map: MindMeister

1. Who will Mindmeister help?

1.1. Visual Learners

1.2. Organizational Challenges

1.3. At Risk learners

1.4. Students can easily drag and move idea bubbles within a group or from topic to topic.

1.5. Images and links can be added.

1.6. Mind maps can be exported as Prezi style presentations.

2. About This Presentation

2.1. Mindmeister is a mind mapping tool. It's great for visually planning, brainstorming, and organizing thoughts.

2.2. Vendor: mindmeister.com

2.3. This presentation was made with Mindmeister

2.4. by: Paul Kelly

3. What is MindMeister? Click the arrow for an introduction.

4. Areas for Improvement

4.1. Customization tools could distract students.

4.2. Stock image library is very limited.

4.3. Support for smaller screens is limited.

5. What's to Like

5.1. Drag and drop is very intuitive.

5.2. The interface is very clean.

5.3. Sharing and presentation tools are embedded (paid versions).

5.4. Cross Platform Compatibility.

5.5. Work is saved in real time.

5.6. Free version is limited to 3 maps.

6. References

6.1. What is AT? - Assistive Technology Industry Association

6.2. MindMeister: Online Mind Mapping and Brainstorming

7. Uses for Mindmeister

7.1. Essay Planning

7.2. Brainstorming

7.3. Collaborative Projects

7.4. Class Discussions

7.5. Study tool

8. Case Study

8.1. Student struggles with executive functions

8.1.1. Cannot sort or order thoughts

8.1.2. Indecisive and often changes ideas

8.2. Mind map can be pre-loaded with prompts such as subject headers

8.3. Student can add ideas as they happen, and sort them in a later step.

9. Target Demographic

9.1. A perfect tool for special needs students

9.2. Support for At-risk learners