Building a classroom

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Building a classroom by Mind Map: Building a classroom

1. Four classroom myths: "a well managed classroom is quiet", "the students are the main cause of discipline problem", "punishment changes behavior" and "all students with emotional problems are in special education"

2. Empowerment, belonging and cooperation are foundations for a positively built classroom

3. the spaces, materials and democratic principles are important aswell

4. Authoritarian groups, control theory and lead management.

5. Students with emotional problem are to be taken care (not overlooked), but not take up all of your attention

6. The benefits of a well built classroom: improves communication and productivity in learning, enhances desired behavior, citizenship (sense of belonging), enhancing the students capability of making decisions for their own learning.

7. Important elements: student-teacher relationship, democratic participation in decisions, cooperation and acceptance of cultural differences, high expectations and commitment