Sarnia Lambton Native Friendship Centre

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Sarnia Lambton Native Friendship Centre by Mind Map: Sarnia Lambton Native Friendship Centre

1. Vision:The Creator has given Native people the gift to reach out to others and to value relationships. We will support all people to reach their potential.

2. The Centre will be a gathering place to socialize and access services that improve an individual’s quality of life.

3. The Centre will create networks and develop partnerships to ensure urban Native issues are addressed in a sensitive and equitable manner.

4. Guiding Principles: Directors, Staff and Volunteers of the Centre will be guided by the Seven Grandfather Teachings to fulfill its vision and mission through various services, programming and activities.

5. Redpath Child and youth skills Program: This program helps children to develop communication and team building skills. The aim is to learn how to build relationships, communicate and express feelings, recognize and express feelings of others and more.

6. Wasa-Nabin:A self-development program for Urban Aboriginal at-risk youth (ages 13-18). By accessing the services and supports offered by the Wasa-Nabin program, youth will learn goal setting, leadership skills development, and how to make healthy choices, ultimately leading to healthier lifestyles and personal success. Activities are culturally appropriate, and directed to improve interpersonal skills, knowledge, attitudes, and enhance values, to promote personal well-being.

7. Akwe:go Urban Aboriginal Children’s Program-The aim is to improve the quality of life of urban Aboriginal children (​ages 7–12 years) through the delivery of appropriate activities and services. Traditional cultural teachings and values are the guiding principles through client-based programming and individualized one-on-one supports that encourage healthy lifestyle choices. The program focus is on enhancing the skills, knowledge, attitudes and values that will demonstrate positive personal choices and develop awareness of the consequences of negative behaviours.

8. In order to access the services, all you must do is pay a $2.00 yearly membership fee. These programs are available for native and non-native members of the community.

9. The organization does address equity and inclusion. They aim to include all members of the community, but has a focus around traditional teaching that may be excluded from a traditional education setting. They are trying to fill in the gaps where knowledge may have been lost through previous generations, that the children may not otherwise have access to.