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Oldham.gov.uk by Mind Map: Oldham.gov.uk

1. Births, marriages and deaths

1.1. Births registration

1.2. Deaths

1.2.1. Register a death

1.2.2. Cemeteries, graves and memorials Graves and memorials Cemeteries Buying a grave or cremation Transferring grave rights

1.2.3. Arrange a funeral

1.2.4. Council Tax

1.2.5. Stillbirths

1.2.6. Coroners

1.2.7. Wills

1.2.8. Search records

1.2.9. Public health funerals

1.3. Marriages and civil partnerships

1.3.1. How to get married

1.3.2. Civil partnerships

1.3.3. Getting married at Chadderton Town hall

1.3.4. Wedding fees list Approved wedding venues

1.3.5. Eligibility and special circumstances

1.4. Request a certificate

1.5. Venues

1.5.1. Approved wedding venues in Oldham

1.5.2. Queen Elizabeth Hall

1.5.3. Failsworth Town Hall

1.6. Citizenship

1.6.1. Apply for citizenship

1.6.2. Citizenship ceremonies

1.6.3. Settlement checking

1.7. Naming cermonies

2. Business

2.1. Invest in Oldham

2.1.1. Regeneration Town centre masterplan Investment schemes Why Oldham? Investment and regeneration Location and transport Retail Catchment Key statistics Development opportunities Town centre sites Wider Borough sites Residential developments Site map Featured properties Available properties Support and assistance Key documents Strategic Investment Framework About the team

2.1.2. Business How we can support you Start up support Growth and relocation support Finance Commercial property Business events calendar Innova Foster

2.1.3. Skills and training How we can support you Free recruitment service Apprenticeships Training support Work and skills strategy

2.1.4. Council and partner services Libraries Business rates Licensing Environmental health Trading standards Planning Building control Security and CCTV HM Revenue and customs

2.1.5. Visitors HM Revenue Key facts Visit Oldham

2.2. Licensing

2.2.1. Hackney carriages and private hire

2.2.2. Food, drink and entertainment

2.2.3. Gambling and lotteries

2.2.4. Trade and industry

2.2.5. Animals

2.2.6. Transport and streets

2.2.7. House to house street collections

2.2.8. Health and beauty

2.2.9. Corporate enforcement policy

2.2.10. Search public registers

2.2.11. Privacy notice

2.3. Business rates

2.3.1. Account enquiries

2.3.2. Pay business rates

2.3.3. Who pays business rates?

2.3.4. How business rates are calculated

2.3.5. Business rates relief

2.3.6. Revaluation

2.3.7. Appeal business rates

2.3.8. Frequently requested business information

2.3.9. Business rates explanatory notes

2.4. Oldham enterprise trust

2.5. Business waste

2.6. Food safety

2.6.1. Food safety advice

2.6.2. Make a food complaint

2.6.3. Food safety inspections

2.6.4. Food hygiene rating

2.6.5. Register a food business

2.6.6. Apply for premises approval

2.7. Procurement

2.8. Health and safety

2.8.1. Getting started

2.8.2. Inspections

2.8.3. Prosecutions

2.8.4. Premises and facilities Body art / Acupuncture Cooling towers Equipment at work Hairdressers and barbers

2.8.5. Report an accident

2.9. Early payment scheme

2.10. Oldham Work and Skills Strategy 2016-20

3. Education

3.1. Schools and colleges

3.1.1. Admissions Apply for a primary school place Apply for a secondary school place Changing schools Admission arrangements (2019/20) Admission arrangements 2020-21 Appeals Schools adjudicator report deferring or delaying school entry Getting ready for school Fair access protocols Schools and education for armed forces families Transition documents Oldham's strategy for the provision of education places 2016-2020 Proposed expansion at North Chadderton Secondary Academy - consultation document

3.1.2. School Complaints

3.1.3. Find a school Primary schools Secondary schools Post 16 education and training Special schools

3.1.4. School governors Oldham Governors Pulse Clerks

3.1.5. Learning difficulties

3.1.6. Problems at school Bullying Exclusions Children missing education Truancy

3.1.7. Resources and support for schools Community cohesion in schools programme Cycling to school programme Extended services Supplementary schools Schools and waste education Road safety

3.1.8. School holidays

3.1.9. School performance

3.1.10. Sharing personal information

3.1.11. Schools forum

3.1.12. Alternative vocational experiences for young people

3.1.13. Home education

3.1.14. Resources and support

3.1.15. School closures

3.1.16. Vocational experiences for young people

3.1.17. Oldham's inclusion policy

3.1.18. Poor attendance penalty notices

3.2. Lifelong learning

3.3. Castleshaw Centre for Outdoor education

3.3.1. Book a visit

3.3.2. What to bring

3.3.3. Facilities

3.3.4. Staff at the Castleshaw Centre

3.3.5. Days out and adventures

3.3.6. Information for group leaders

3.4. Music tuition

3.4.1. Music for young people

3.4.2. Community and adult groups

3.4.3. Support for music students

3.4.4. Overseas tours

3.4.5. About the Music Service

3.4.6. Videos, sound clips and photos

3.5. Early years

3.5.1. Find childcare

3.6. Children's centres (right start)

3.6.1. Saddleworth West and Lees Children's Centre activities

3.6.2. Saddleworth North and South Children's Centre activities

3.6.3. Coldhurst Children's Centre activities

3.6.4. Failsworth Children's Centre activities

3.6.5. Hollinwood Children's Centre activities

3.6.6. Holly Grove Children's Centre activities

3.6.7. Medlock Vale Children's Centre activities

3.6.8. Royton Children's Centre activities

3.6.9. Shaw and Crompton Children's Centre activities

3.6.10. Spring Meadows Children's Centre activities

3.6.11. St James Children's Centre activities

3.6.12. Stanley Road Children's Centre activities

3.6.13. Stockbrook Children's Centre activities

3.6.14. Werneth Children's Centre activities

3.7. Children and family benefits

3.8. Working in childcare

3.9. Free early education

3.10. Support families to access the information they need

3.11. Consultations (early years)

3.12. Early Years SEND support

3.13. Free early education: Information for providers

3.13.1. Delivery of Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

3.14. School readiness

3.14.1. Families

3.14.2. Schools and settings

3.14.3. Community

3.15. Education grants and allowances

3.15.1. Student travel

3.16. School holidays

3.17. Children with disabilities

3.18. School closures

3.19. Learning at Gallery Oldham

3.20. Oldham learning festival

4. Environment

4.1. Animals and pests

4.1.1. Dogs Report a problem dog Dog fouling Dogs on leads Stray animals Dog exclusion areas Dog neutering Buying a puppy Dogs left in unattended cars Dog collars Maximum number of dogs

4.1.2. Stray animals

4.1.3. Pest control

4.1.4. Animal welfare Report animal cruelty Advice Animal welfare inspections Animals on allotments

4.1.5. Animals and fireworks

4.1.6. Microchipping your pet

4.1.7. Licensing

4.2. Environmental health

4.2.1. Report a property

4.2.2. Drains and sewers

4.2.3. Asbestos

4.2.4. Contaminated land

4.2.5. Food safety Food safety advice Make a food complaint Food safety inspections Food hygiene rating scheme Register a food business Apply for premises approval

4.2.6. Health and safety Getting started Inspections Prosecutions Premises and facilities Body art / acupuncture Cooling towers At risk of becoming homeless Equipment at work Hairdressers and barbers Report an accident

4.2.7. Flytipping

4.3. Pollution

4.3.1. Noise nuisance

4.3.2. Air pollution

4.3.3. Light pollution

4.3.4. Smoke nuisance

4.3.5. Water pollution

4.3.6. Vehicle emissions

4.4. Environmental data

4.5. Fireworks

4.6. Environmental policies and plans

4.6.1. Environmental policy

4.6.2. Air quality management

4.6.3. Sustainability projects

4.6.4. Climate change

5. Housing

5.1. Benefits to help pay rent

5.2. Look for home to rent or buy

5.2.1. Renting

5.2.2. Buying

5.3. Housing advice and support

5.4. Grants, loans and help to improve your home

5.4.1. Affordable warmth Warm homes Oldham Help and support Strategies Full central heating grants

5.4.2. Disabled facilities grant

5.4.3. Home improve loan

5.4.4. Housing Benefit

5.4.5. Fair Home Contents Insurance

5.4.6. Difficulty paying your water bill

5.5. Private tenants and landlords

5.5.1. Tenant advice and duties

5.5.2. Landlord duties

5.5.3. House in multiple occupation

5.5.4. Selective licensing

5.5.5. Landlord portal

5.6. Homelessness

5.6.1. Drop-in shelters and food providers

5.6.2. Homelessness report

5.6.3. Let us know about someone rough sleeping

5.6.4. Homelessness - Your righs

5.6.5. Refer someone to us

5.7. Helpline / Response Service

5.8. Report a housing problem

5.9. Supporting people

5.10. Housing for armed forces personnel

5.11. Inspecting homes for immigration

5.12. Housing strategies and research

5.13. Greater Manchester Energy Smart Homes Project

5.14. Empty Homes

5.15. Advice to residents living in high rise tower blocks

5.16. Bringing empty homes back into use

6. Leisure and culture

6.1. Sports and leisure

6.1.1. Leisure centres, pools and football pitches

6.1.2. Youth sport Coaching Leadership training Oldham Active

6.1.3. Club support

6.1.4. Outdoor activities

6.1.5. Fishing

6.1.6. Cycling

6.1.7. Grounds maintenance

6.1.8. Get Oldham Active Walking Cycling Jogging Parks and outdoors Swimming Yoga and pilates Dance and movement 5 Ways to wellbeing Take the quiz Where do I start? Anyone can be active 10 minute motivators

6.2. Whats on

6.3. Visit Oldham

6.4. Parks and greenspaces

6.4.1. Parks, countryside and canals

6.4.2. Playgrounds

6.4.3. Bloom and grow

6.4.4. Historic cemeteries Chadderton cemetery Greenacres cemetery

6.4.5. Grass cutting

6.4.6. Trees

6.4.7. Green Dividend Fund

6.5. Markets

6.5.1. Town centre markets

6.5.2. Royton market

6.5.3. Saddleworth markets

6.5.4. Shaw market

6.5.5. Become a market trader

6.5.6. Have your say about our markets

6.5.7. £5 Fridays

6.6. Events and activities

6.7. Arts and culture

6.7.1. Gallery Oldham

6.7.2. Coliseum Theatre

6.7.3. Saddleworth Museum

6.7.4. Oldham Theatre Workshop

6.7.5. Music Service Contact the music service About the music service Support for the music students Music and young people Community and adult groups Overseas tours Pay invoices online Videos, sound clips and photos Music service on Tiwtter Music service on Facebook Events calendar GM Music hub

6.7.6. The Arts Room

6.8. Allotments and gardening

6.8.1. Bloom and grow

6.8.2. Allotments

6.8.3. Composting

6.9. Local History

6.9.1. Contact

6.9.2. Events

6.9.3. Family history Family history help Local register offices Sources Census records Internet and CD ROM Historical maps Election registers and Burgess rolls Probate records New communities Trade and telephone directories Memorial inscriptions Military sources Parish registers Newspapers and obituaries Ancestry Library Oldham remembers British Newspaper archive Find my past

6.9.4. Archive Sources

6.9.5. Books for sale

6.9.6. Research guides

6.9.7. Education history

6.9.8. Bardsley / Park Bridge

6.9.9. Donate your archives

6.9.10. Charges

6.9.11. Blue plaques

6.9.12. Rolls of remembrance

6.9.13. Oldham Remembers

6.10. Tourist information

6.10.1. Visitor information centre

6.10.2. Visit Oldham website

6.10.3. Twin towns

6.11. Connect with nature in Greater Manchester

6.12. Holiday activities

7. Transport, parking and travel

7.1. Parking

7.1.1. Car parks Oldham town centre Chadderton Crompton Failsworth Lees Royton Saddleworth Shaw Rest of Oldham

7.1.2. Free town centre parking

7.1.3. Parking tickets and fines

7.1.4. Disabled parking badges and spaces

7.1.5. Residential parking permits

7.1.6. Clamping and removal

7.1.7. Parking outside schools

7.1.8. Bus lane enforcement

7.1.9. Car park permits

7.1.10. PATROL Adjudication joint committee

7.2. Buses and bus passes

7.2.1. Plan your journey

7.2.2. Bus passes for people over 60

7.2.3. Disable bus pass

7.2.4. Discount passes (students)

7.3. Metrolink

7.4. Disabled and community transport

7.5. Cycling

7.6. Gritting and winter travel

7.6.1. Gritting routes

7.6.2. Grit bins

7.6.3. Grit sales

7.6.4. Clearing pavements yourself

7.6.5. Your questions answered

7.6.6. Getting ready for winter

7.7. Roadworks

7.8. Plan your journey

7.9. MOT tests

7.10. Home to school travel

7.10.1. Discount passes

7.10.2. Additional support

7.10.3. Courses outside Greater Manchester

7.10.4. Fares for disabled students

7.10.5. Application for college travel assistance

7.10.6. Application for a free school travel pass

7.10.7. Free school travel pass appeal form

7.10.8. Home to school transport appeal form

7.10.9. Home to school transport for SEND /temporary medical condition

7.11. Public toilets

8. My Account

9. Health and Social Care

9.1. Help to live at home

9.1.1. Care and support to live at home

9.1.2. Occupational therapy

9.1.3. Helpline / Response service

9.1.4. Meals and nutrition Lunch clubs Equipments Wiltshire farm foods Oakhouse Foods

9.1.5. Managing your home Cleaning services Shopping services Handy van services Laundry service

9.1.6. Equipment and adaptations Equipment Adaptations Helpline / response services Move to a more suitable home Disabled facilities grant

9.1.7. Taking medication

9.1.8. Link centre

9.2. Ask for an assessment

9.3. Child protection

9.3.1. What is child abuse?

9.3.2. Report child abuse

9.3.3. Child protection conferences

9.3.4. Protection orders

9.3.5. Child employment

9.3.6. Child entertainment licences

9.3.7. Local safeguarding children board

9.3.8. Children and young people provider panel

9.4. Arranging and paying for your social care

9.4.1. What will I have to pay for care services?

9.4.2. Direct payments

9.4.3. Appeal social care charges

9.4.4. Viewing your personal file

9.4.5. Health and social care benefits

9.4.6. Advocacy

9.4.7. Managing your finances

9.4.8. Benefits and money

9.4.9. Self-funding guide

9.5. Looking after myself and keeping helthy and safe

9.5.1. Find a health service

9.5.2. Recovering from illness Hospital stays Short term illness Intermediate care Patient Opinion website

9.5.3. Drug and alcohol treatment services

9.5.4. Specialist health services Palliative cancer care Sexual health NHS 111 NHS Choices Dementia services

9.5.5. Stop smoking

9.5.6. Mental health The mental health act explained Service directory Mental capacity act Independent mental capacity advocates Independent mental health act advocates Dementia

9.5.7. NHS health check

9.5.8. Short breaks and respite Children Adults Older people

9.5.9. Find a social care service

9.5.10. Stay warm in winter

9.5.11. Staying safe Helpline / Response service Falls prevention Crime and safety Report a concern or abuse

9.5.12. Assisted bathing scheme

9.5.13. Get Oldham Active Walking Cycling Jogging Parks and outdoors Swimming Yoga and pilates Dance and movement 5 Ways to wellbeing Take the quiz Where do I start Anyone can be active 10 minute motivators

9.5.14. Getting a flu jab

9.5.15. How are you? quiz

9.6. Disabilities and sensory loss

9.6.1. Link centre

9.6.2. Children and young people with SEND Your local offer What is the local offer You said, we did - Local Offer review Minutes, reports and statutory documents Animations by young People Ask for help or advice Advice and support for parents Report an incident or concern Activities, leisure and short breaks SEND activities for 0-25 year olds Short breaks What's on in Oldham Free activities and places to go Autism friendly activities Library events for families, children and young families Additional needs and disabilities Autism and learning disabilities Visual, hearing and speech support Dyslexia Down's syndrome Dyspraxia Education (SEND) Early years childcare, education and support (0-5yrs) Primary school education and support (5-11yrs) Secondary school education and support (11-16yrs) Post 16 education SEND advice Support, information, advice Money matters (SEND) Disability benefits (SEND) Benefits if you can't work (SEND) - gov.uk website Benefits for carers (SEND) - gov.uk website Benefits for disabled students (SEND) - gov.uk website Personal budgets: paying for services (SEND) Apply for a grant or financial support (SEND) Early years: additional SEND funding Disability Access Fund (DAF) Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) Health and emotional wellbeing Health - list of service Emotional health and mental wellbeing Support for carers Transport, travel and mobility (SEND) Travel assistance to get to school or college Travel if you can't use public transport Concessionary fares for people with a disability Travel, transport and mobility Motability: lease cars for disabled people Disabled parking (blue badges) Travel training in Greater Manchester Travel to school policy and strategy Housing Supported housing Living at home Equipment and adaptations Central access point for supported accomodation Training and employment Adult education and training organisations Find an apprenticeship Job-seeking and work clubs Get Oldham Working greater.jobs Groundwork (16+) National careers service Running your own business Online and flexible learning Lifelong learning (19+) Apps and learning resources Learning resources Apps Information and advice sheets (SEND) Preparing for adulthood (14 - 25 years) Preparing for life after school Preparing for adulthood Post 16 education Training and development Independent living Health Community inclusion Resolve SEND disagreements Transport, travel and mobility Information for professionals We'd love to hear from you Local Offer feedback form Add a new service or activity Amend or remove your existing service or activity Compliments and complaints Add your child to our additional needs register

9.6.3. Sight, hearing and speech support Speech and language support Hearing support Visual support

9.6.4. Transport Bus passes for people over 60 Dial-a-ride & Ring & Ride Disabled bus pass Disabled parking (Blue Badge) Motability cars

9.6.5. Learning disabilities and autism Support services short breaks and respite care Shared lives Accommodation options Find a community group

9.6.6. Employment and disabilities

9.6.7. Radar keys and disabled toilets

9.6.8. Support groups

9.6.9. Find someone to speak on your behalf

9.6.10. Accessible information standard

9.6.11. caring for someone Oldham's carers' service Support groups Financial help for carers Young carers Carer's assessments Short breaks and respite care Dementia Dementia services Trouble sleeping Helping someone with dementia Practical support Help to live at home Care and support to live at home Occupational therapy Helpline / Response Service Meals and nutrition Managing your home Equipment and adaptations Taking medication Link centre State of caring survey 2018 Oldham's Carers' Strategy 2018 - 2021

9.6.12. Living at home *see help to live at home above*

9.7. Caring for someone

9.7.1. *see caring for someone above*

9.8. Choosing somewhere to live

9.8.1. Care homes

9.8.2. Housing with care and support

9.8.3. Live at home *see help to live at home above*

9.9. Report a concern or abuse

9.10. Families and parenting

9.10.1. Family information services Children and family benefits Find childcare *See above* Family support services Children and young people with SEND Early years

9.10.2. Find childcare *See above*

9.10.3. Children's centres

9.10.4. Family support service Health and social care directory

9.10.5. Adoption and fostering *see above*

9.10.6. Children in care and care leavers Care leavers Children's social services Corporate parenting Children in Care Council (External site) Children in care survey Care leavers survey

9.10.7. Teen pregnancy

9.10.8. Relationship support

9.10.9. Children and family benefits

9.10.10. Real nappy voucher

9.10.11. Family and friends care policy

9.10.12. Special guardianship

9.11. Getting out and about

9.11.1. Transport

9.11.2. Social and Leisure activities Oldham Community Leisure sessions Lunch clubs Adult day care service Day care Find a community group

9.11.3. Shopping and errands AgeUK shopping service Accompanied shopping Promobility

9.11.4. Volunteering *See above*

9.11.5. Get Oldham Active *see above*

9.12. Care leavers

9.12.1. Your money

9.12.2. Your home

9.12.3. Your health and wellbeing

9.12.4. Your education and work life

9.12.5. Your passport to independent living

9.12.6. Your rights

9.13. Armed forces personnel support

9.13.1. Our resolution

9.13.2. Health and wellbeing

9.13.3. Discounts

9.13.4. Leisure services

9.13.5. Help finding work

9.13.6. Support agencies

9.13.7. Rolls of remembrance

9.13.8. Oldham Remembers

9.13.9. Schools and education for armed forces families

9.13.10. Register to vote as a member of the armed forces

9.13.11. Housing for armed forces personnel

9.14. Health and social care strategies and reports

9.14.1. The Oldham Public Health Charter

9.14.2. Oldham Public Health Annual Report

9.14.3. Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services Strategy

9.14.4. Oldham Locality Plan for health and social care transformation

9.14.5. Oldham Adult Social Care Information and Advice Strategy 2015-18

9.14.6. Adult Social care failure policy and procedure

9.14.7. Public Health Intelligence Privacy Noitce

9.14.8. Adult social care accommodation and top up arrangements

9.14.9. Adult social services loacl account

9.14.10. Think local act personal (TLAP)

9.14.11. Understanding Oldham's health and adult social care market

9.14.12. Right start pre-school children's oral health improvement strategy 2018 - 2021

9.15. Resources for practitioners

9.15.1. Vulnerable adults

9.15.2. Children's workforce practitioners

9.15.3. Infection prevention

9.15.4. Dementia toolkit

9.16. Young people

9.16.1. Young carers

9.16.2. Oldham Youth Council

9.17. Contact social services

9.18. Health and social care directory

9.18.1. Directory

10. About Oldham

10.1. Crime and safety

10.2. Funding

10.3. Neighbourhoods

10.3.1. Chadderton

10.3.2. Shaw and Crompton

10.3.3. Saddleworth and Lees

10.3.4. Failsworth and Hollinwood

10.3.5. Green Streets

10.3.6. Royton

10.3.7. East Oldham

10.3.8. In your area

10.3.9. West Oldham

10.3.10. Love where you live Green schemes Green dividend fund Generation Oldham Street trees fund Get involved

10.4. Profile of Oldham

10.5. Welcome to Oldham

10.5.1. Welcome to Oldham: New residents

11. About the council

11.1. Councillors and leadership

11.1.1. Ward surgeries

11.1.2. The Mayor Donate to the Mayor's charities About the Mayor How is the Mayor chosen Heritage and Civic Centre tours Invite the Mayor to an event Receiving the Mayor events The Mayors 1000 Photography competition Upcoming Mayoral events Coat of Arms Past Mayors The Youth Mayor Awards Honorary freeman of the borough Honorary Alderman of the borough Civic appreciation award

11.1.3. MPs and MEPs MPs MEPs

11.1.4. Cabinet

11.1.5. Chief Executive and Executive Management team

11.1.6. Overview and scrutiny

11.1.7. District Partnerships

11.1.8. Councillor Annual reports

11.1.9. The leader of the council The leader's annual reports

11.1.10. Full Council

11.1.11. Officers of the council

11.1.12. The role of a Councillor

11.1.13. Find a Councillor

11.1.14. Cabinet and chairs

11.1.15. Become a councillor

11.1.16. Role of a councillor

11.1.17. Councillors' allowances

11.1.18. Officers of the council

11.1.19. Mayor Greater Manchester

11.1.20. Parish councils

11.1.21. Councillor political makeup

11.2. Elections

11.2.1. Election notices

11.2.2. General election 2017

11.2.3. Register to vote

11.2.4. Election results

11.2.5. Polling stations

11.2.6. Postal/Proxy voting

11.2.7. Become a Councillor

11.2.8. Work during an election

11.2.9. Election day tips

11.3. News and consultations

11.3.1. News Latest news Borough Life Family Life

11.3.2. Social media

11.3.3. Public notices

11.3.4. Public notices

11.3.5. Consultation Consultation portal Engaging with citizens

11.3.6. E-Petitions

11.4. Budgets and spending

11.4.1. Audits, inspections and assessements

11.4.2. Council spending records

11.4.3. Salaries and allowances Executive salaries Councillors' allowances Pay policy

11.4.4. Budget consultation video

11.4.5. Big budget consultation

11.4.6. How are we doing How are we doing (Customer Services) How are we doing (roads and pavements) How are we doing (Bins and recycling) How are we doing (parks and street cleaning) How are we doing (social care) How are we doing (Libraries sports and leisure) Lets talk budget

11.4.7. Council Tax and Budget Information 2018/19

11.4.8. Gross Expenditure and income

11.4.9. Local government transparency code

11.4.10. Financial publications

11.4.11. Lets talk budget

11.5. Strategies, plans and policies

11.5.1. Strategies Housing Environment Environmental policy Air quality management Sustainability projects Climate change Children and families Travel to school Looked after children Participation and engagement Aiming high Placement information Family and friends care policy Vision for residential services Children and young people aged 0-25 with SEND Oldham's autism strategy Health strategies and reports The Oldham public health public charter Oldham public health annual report Child and adolsecent mental health strategy Oldham locality plan for health and social care transformation Oldham adult care information and advice strategy 2015-18 Adult social care provider failure policy and procedure Public health intelligence privacy notice Adult social care accomodation and top up arrangements adult social services local account Think local act personal (TLAP) Understanding Oldham's health and adult social care market Right Start Pre-school children's oral health strategy 2018-2021

11.5.2. Plans Corporate planning Corporate plan Key decision document Community issues Safe and strong communities plan Domestic violence strategy 2017-2020 Registrar's annual service plan Libraries Emergencies Council responsibilities Business continuity Preparing for emergencies Evacuations Floods What to do in an emergency Heatwave Flu pandemic Terrorism The Oldham Plan Local Plan Adopted plans and guidance Supporting evidence Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Consultation Documents in the Local Plan Oldham registration services Council Tax reduction team

11.5.3. Policies Pay policy statement Flag flying policy Enforcement policy Local welfare provision Modern slavery act 2015 - transparency statement

11.6. Data protection and freedom of information

11.6.1. Cookie policy

11.6.2. Open data Transparency code Terms and licensing Other data sets

11.6.3. Privacy notice

11.6.4. Your data rights

11.6.5. Freedom of information

11.6.6. Reuse of information

11.6.7. Data protection officer and further information

11.7. Consultation

11.7.1. Engaging with citizens: A guide for practitioners

11.7.2. Local Democracy Week

11.8. MPs and MEPs

11.9. Co-operative Oldham

11.9.1. Co-operative council

11.9.2. Your Oldham

11.9.3. The Oldham Partnership

11.10. Meetings

11.10.1. Live Council meetings online

11.10.2. Ask a question

11.11. Contact

11.11.1. Report a problem

11.11.2. Emergency contact details

11.11.3. Access Oldham

11.11.4. Councillors

11.11.5. Complaints and feedback Council complaints and feedback Councillor complaints and feedback School complaints Services for children and families complaints Talk to your Councillor

11.11.6. Media queries

11.11.7. MPs and MEPs

11.11.8. Social media

11.11.9. Mailing list

11.12. Council constitution

12. Benefits and money

12.1. Housing benefit

12.2. Council Tax reduction (for people on low income)

12.3. Get money off your Council Tax

12.3.1. Single person discount

12.3.2. Council tax reduction (low income)

12.3.3. Empty properties

12.3.4. Students

12.3.5. Young people

12.3.6. Severely mentally impaired people

12.3.7. People with disabilities

12.3.8. Properties in need of major repair

12.3.9. Carers

12.3.10. Residents in homes/hospital

12.3.11. People in detention (prisoners)

12.3.12. Second Adult Rebate

12.3.13. Second homes

12.3.14. Annexes

12.3.15. Religious community members

12.3.16. Visiting forces

12.4. Ask for help with benefits

12.5. Change of circumstances

12.6. Universal credit

12.7. Emergency support - Local Welfare Provision

12.8. Children and family benefits

12.9. Education grants and allowances

12.9.1. Free school meals

12.9.2. Student allowances

12.9.3. Student travel Discount passes Additional support Courses outside Greater Manchester Fares for disabled students Application for College Travel Assistance Application for a free school travel pass Free school travel pass appeal form Home to school transport form Home to school transport SEND / temporary medical condition

12.9.4. Children and family benefits

12.10. Benefit fraud

12.10.1. Report benefit fraud

12.10.2. Types of benefit fraud

12.10.3. Administrative review policy

12.10.4. Interview under cuation

12.10.5. Formal caution interview

12.11. Appeal a decision

12.12. Benefits cap

12.13. Over-payments

12.14. Employment and jobseeker benefits

12.15. Health and social care benefits

12.16. Housing grants, loans and benefits

12.16.1. Affordable warmth Warm Homes Oldham Help and support Strategies Full central heating grants

12.16.2. Disabled facilities grant

12.16.3. Home improve loan

12.16.4. Housing benefit

12.16.5. Fair Home Contents Insurance

12.16.6. Difficulty paying your water bill

12.17. Make the most of your money

12.17.1. Money matters

12.17.2. Jobs, training and courses

12.17.3. Housing

12.17.4. Family and emotional support

12.17.5. Ways to spend less

12.17.6. Free activities

12.17.7. Help and advice about gambling

12.18. Personal benefits information

12.19. Benefits Calculator

13. Council tax

13.1. Pay your council tax

13.1.1. Direct debit

13.1.2. Pay online

13.1.3. pay by phone

13.1.4. Pay in person

13.1.5. Pay by internet or telephone banking

13.2. Council tax competition

13.3. Get money off your Council Tax

13.3.1. Single person discount

13.3.2. Council tax reduction team (low income)

13.3.3. Empty properties

13.3.4. Students

13.3.5. Young people

13.3.6. Severely mentally impaired people

13.3.7. People with disabilities

13.3.8. Property in need of major repairs

13.3.9. Carers

13.3.10. Residents in care homes / hospital

13.3.11. People in detention (prisoners)

13.3.12. Second adult rebate

13.3.13. Second homes

13.3.14. Annexes

13.3.15. Religious community members

13.3.16. Visiting forces

13.4. Account enquiries

13.5. Appeals

13.6. Bands and charges

13.7. Changing address

13.8. Unpaid Council Tax

13.9. What Council Tax pays for

13.10. Exempt properties

13.11. What to do when someone dies

14. Jobs

14.1. Latest vacancies

14.2. Teaching careers

14.2.1. Search for teaching jobs

14.2.2. Teach Oldham website

14.2.3. Primary teaching pool

14.2.4. Oldham Learning Festival

14.3. Volunteering

14.3.1. Conservation volunteers

14.3.2. Sports volunteers

14.3.3. Public sector volunteers

14.3.4. Action Together website

14.3.5. Do It Website

14.3.6. Buzy bee cafe

14.3.7. Become a school governor

14.3.8. Volunteer at Oldham Libraries

14.3.9. Reach volunteering

14.4. Working at Oldham Council

14.5. Get Oldham Working

14.5.1. What is Get Oldham Working?

14.5.2. Career advancement service

14.5.3. Skills for employment

14.5.4. Sign up for the Get Oldham Working register

14.5.5. Oldham Council Traineeship

14.5.6. Free recruitment Service

14.5.7. National Careers Service

14.6. Get Oldham Working jobs board

14.7. Ageing Well Oldham - Support for the over 50s

14.8. Career advancement service

14.9. Oldham Work and Skills strategy 2016 - 2020

14.10. Oldham's fair employment charter

15. Libraries

15.1. eBooks, Audiobooks and online reference

15.1.1. eBooks, audiobooks and eMagazines

15.1.2. Dictionaries, encyclopaedias and online reference

15.1.3. Business services at the library

15.1.4. Jobs and skills services at the library

15.1.5. Health information at the library

15.1.6. Children, young people and families at the library

15.1.7. Information for schools at the library

15.1.8. Family history

15.1.9. Theory test pro

15.1.10. Jack and lucy comic

15.2. What's on

15.2.1. live at the library

15.2.2. All library events

15.2.3. Health and wellbeing events

15.2.4. Events for children, young people and families

15.2.5. Information, learning and digital events

15.2.6. Events for jobseekers

15.2.7. Events for readers and writers

15.2.8. Events for businesses

15.2.9. Sensory room

15.2.10. SEND actvities

15.3. Find a library

15.4. Library charges

15.5. Join the library

15.6. Search the library catalogue

15.7. Renew a book

15.8. Home library service

15.9. Second hand books

15.10. Oldham libraries on facebook / Twitter

15.11. Sensory room

15.12. SEND Local Offer

16. Planning and building

16.1. Planning

16.1.1. Apply for planning permission Apply About the application process Fees Constraints Validation checklists Serve notice of application

16.1.2. Implement planning permission

16.1.3. Search for an application

16.1.4. Objections and comments

16.1.5. Section 106 planning obligations

16.1.6. Environmental impact assessments

16.1.7. Minerals and waste

16.1.8. Appeals

16.1.9. Contact planning

16.1.10. Hoardings and advertisement control

16.1.11. Watch planning meetings live

16.1.12. Enforcement Enforcement register Guide to planning enforcement

16.1.13. Contact

16.1.14. Trees and high hedges Protected trees High hedge complaints Dangerous trees

16.1.15. Heritage Planning for historic environment Conservation areas Listed buildings Records search Blue Plaques Historic gardens Scheduled monuments

16.2. Building control

16.2.1. Apply for approval Contact building control Extensions Lofts Retrospective approval Alterations Conservatories and porches Chimneys and flues Building control portal Domestic electrical alterations Drainage Fire escape windows Garages New build dwellings Party walls roofing Smoke alarms Staircases Underpinning foundations Windows Completion Certificates Charges

16.2.2. Information for architects and developers

16.2.3. Contact building control

16.2.4. Choosing a builder

16.2.5. Enforcement

16.2.6. Report illegal building work

16.2.7. Search applications

16.2.8. Street naming and numbering process

16.2.9. Sewers and drains

16.3. Local plan

16.3.1. Adopted plans and guidance

16.3.2. Supporting evidence

16.3.3. Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

16.3.4. Consultation

16.3.5. Documents in the Local Plan

17. Bins, rubbish and recycling

17.1. Check your bin collection dates

17.2. Get a new bin, box or bag

17.2.1. Grey bin

17.2.2. Brown bin

17.2.3. Blue bin

17.2.4. Green bin

17.2.5. Black box

17.2.6. No Blo bag

17.3. Report missed collection

17.4. What goes in which bin

17.5. Unwanted bulky or large items

17.6. Putting your bins out

17.7. Household waste and recycling centres

17.8. Need help managing your rubbish?

17.9. Flytipping

17.10. Business waste

17.11. Keeping streets clean

17.11.1. Street cleaning

17.11.2. Fly tipping

17.11.3. Litter

17.11.4. Graffiti and fly-posting

17.12. Moving house

17.13. Help to put your bin out

17.14. How to recycle your food waste

17.15. Contact the waste team

17.16. Where to get compostable liners for your food caddy

17.17. Recycling banks

18. Roads, streets and pavements

18.1. Report a problem on a road or pavement

18.1.1. Report a pothole

18.1.2. Report a damaged pavement

18.1.3. Report an obstruction

18.1.4. Keeping streets clean Street cleaning Flytipping Litter Graffiti and fly-posting

18.1.5. Street lights

18.1.6. Grids, gully and manhole covers

18.1.7. Traffic signals

18.1.8. Road crossings

18.1.9. Street furniture

18.1.10. Verges

18.1.11. Yellow lines

18.1.12. Road signs

18.2. Roadworks

18.2.1. Map of roadworks

18.2.2. St Paul's methodist church roof collapse

18.2.3. Retaining wall work Standedge road

18.3. Public rights of way

18.4. Road safety

18.4.1. Physical road safey measures

18.4.2. Abnormal loads

18.4.3. Speed cameras

18.4.4. Parking outside schools

18.4.5. Speed limits

18.4.6. Road safety support

18.5. Traffic orders and road closures

18.6. Highway excavations

18.7. Road signs

18.8. Oldham highway improvements

18.9. Dropped kerbs

18.10. Bridges

18.11. Motorways and trunk roads

18.12. Street index

18.13. Street name plates

18.14. House numbers

18.15. Unadopted streets

18.16. Highways policies and strategies

18.17. Government grants for Oldham's roads

18.18. Highway Maintenance Challenge fund bid