The Merchant of Venice

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The Merchant of Venice by Mind Map: The Merchant of Venice

1. Portia - Men from everywhere wanted to marry her. - Her father's will was to get a great husband for her. - The man who wins her must choose the correct chest among three: one gold, one silver and one lead. - The Moroccan Prince doesn't get to open the right chest, so he goes away. - The Prince of Aragon doesn't choose the right chest either, so must go away too. - She is very happy when Bassanio opens the right chest, making him owner of the house, the servants and herself. - After that they prepare a weeding day, where both of them get married in the same way as Gratiano and Nerissa. - She has an idea. She will go to Venice to be Antonio's lawyer. She disguises not to be discovered. - Portia gets to convince the judge that Shylock can't take the Antonio's pound of flesh because they didn't sign about getting any blood. - Portia says that Shylock can't take the money now, so he must lose everything he had. - In the end Portia asks Bassanio for his ring, he doesn't want to give to the young lawyer, but Antonio convinces him. - Portia and Nerissa arrives at home before Bassanio and Gratiano, who had given the young lawyers both rings. - Lastly Portia explains to Bassanio and Antonio that she and Nerissa were the young lawyer and the clerk.

2. Characters: - Bassanio - Portia - Antonio - Shylock - Jessica

3. Bassanio - He usually asks Antonio for money. - He needs money to travel to Belmont and win Portia - Antonio lends him money but deals with Shylock as he hasn't got enough. - The day of the party Bassanio leaves the island directly to Belmont. - When he arrives, he wants to open the chest as soon as possible. - He chooses the lead chest, and wins Portias' love. - After the weeding, Bassanio finds out that Antonio is having problems with his ships so he has to go back because Shylock is demanding Antonio's pound of flesh. - He offers Shylock lots of money to let Antonio's freedom. - He gives the young lawyer his ring, and so Gratiano does.

4. Shylock - He usually lends money but he gets taxes from the lending. - Antonio is his enemy. - He accepts lending Antonio money, but if he doesn't give it back, he must pay with a pound of his flesh. -He gets angry when he discovers Launcelot has abandoned them. Moreover, he also discovers that Jessice has gone away with Lorenzo. - He can't stop thinking about getting Antonio's Pound of his flesh, as he wants to take revenge. He gets happy when Tubal tells him that Antonio's ships are sinking. - He declines the judges offer to show mercy for Antonio. He wants his pound of flesh. He even declines Bassanio's money. - When he discovers he can't take Antonio's blood, he says he wants his money back.

5. Jessica. - Jessica is sorry because Launcelot is leaving them. - Jessica and Lorenzo are in love. They get married secretly. - Jessica and Lorenzo are in charge of Portia's house, who says that she is going away to pray for his husband. - In the end she is given a special deed that gives her all of Shylock's money after his death

6. Antonio - His ships were spread on the ocean. That makes him feel worried. - He lends money with no taxes. - Bassanio is a great friend, so Antonio decides to let him money inspite of owing Antonio a lot. - Antonio's ships are having problems in the English Channel. - He is going to court as Shylock is demanding his money, now that he knows Antonio has lost all his ships. - Antonio is saved by Portia, however they know it during the trial. He gets a deal with Shylock. He will give Antonio's part to Shylock, who will give it back to Lorenzo and Jessica when Shylock dies. - Antonio tells Bassanio to give his ring to the clever young lawyer. - In the end he discovers that three of his richest ships have returned safely.

7. Other characters: - Lorenzo and Gratiano: Antonio's friends. Lorenzo falls in love with Jessica. - Nerissa: Portia's maid. She falls in love with Gratiano - Portia's suitors: Prince from Napples, Count Palatine, Frenchman, Englishman, Scotish and Moroccan, Prince of Aragon - Launcelot: Shylock's servant, afterwards he will be Bassanio's servant. - Tubal: a Shylock's friend. He is also a jew. - Nerissa has a quarrel with Gratiano and when she discovers that Gratiano had given away his ring. - The last words in the book are Gratiano's, he says he will never give anyone Nerissa's ring.