Name of person: shaggy

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Name of person: shaggy by Mind Map: Name of person: shaggy

1. what were hislher acomplishments? become famous for memes on facebook with the power of ultra instinct.

2. quote Scooby-Doo¡ where are you?

3. personal information/ facts girlfriend: velma dinkley

4. why, is this person important? he is important for me since i am part of my childhood and thanks to he i became a very curious and the same time fearful person.

5. birth information when? with the arrival of the legend of the black knight in 1969 where? U.S. MOM: Paula rogers DAD: Colton SIBLINGS: Magiie Rogers, Wilfred, Gagg Rogers, Tinker, Vivian. Creators: joe Ruby, Ken Spears, Iwao Takamoto, William Hanna and Josep Barbera