Heads of Learning

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Heads of Learning by Mind Map: Heads of Learning

1. Curriculum Action Team

1.1. Look at student data

1.1.1. NAPLAN

1.1.2. PAT

1.2. professional development

1.2.1. Build experiences

1.2.2. collaborative planning Reflecting on planners consistency embedding the V4L Making cross curricular connections

1.2.3. Robotics/coding

1.2.4. Reports Consistency with SS and PS

1.2.5. Seamless curriculum

1.3. Sharing experiences (FORUM)

1.3.1. Success

1.3.2. Challenges

1.4. logistics of meeting times/priorities

1.4.1. A Homeroom

1.4.2. B Visual Arts and PE

1.4.3. C Performing Arts and Health

2. Reporting timelines

3. Curriculum priorities