Golf Tips & Instructions

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Golf Tips & Instructions by Mind Map: Golf Tips & Instructions

1. How to Putt in Golf

1.1. Tips & Techniques to do Better

1.1.1. If you are not familiar with the Golf rules and techniques you would be astonished seeing the people sinking a putt (also known as short shots). It looks so easy while you are out of the ground. But in the game, it is totally different. Golf professionals spend most of the time to take a shot when he is a few inches far from the hole. In this article, I will share How to putt in Golf.

1.1.2. To be consistent you need to master it well. I will describe the golf putting techniques following some steps. They are as listed below. 1. Temperament 2. The Green Factor 3. Master the swing of the club 4. Get better in Your Putting

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2. New Golf Rules 2019

2.1. We have organized all the changes based on the category following the official changes mentioned in the website of USGA. Some changes might fall into different categories. But if one is already described in one category based on the most reflective scope of change, we will prefer to avoid in other categories to make the article concise.

2.2. The List of Categories of New Golf Rules for 2019 1. Ball in play 2. Taking Relief 3. Specific areas 4. Equipment 5. Make a stroke 6. Promoting Faster Pace of Play 7. Code of Conduct and Player Integrity

2.2.1. Here is a infographic for you:

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3. How to Hold a Golf Club Properly (Step by Step Instructions)

3.1. Naturally, when we hold a golf club, we can feel that all the actions are happening between our two wrists and ten fingers. But if your shots are wrong for a reason, it should be the way you hold your club, because holding a golf club is not as easy or casual as it seems. There are a few techniques that you have to learn before just going in and start smashing golf balls all over the course.


4. 12 Most Common Golf Swing Tips (You must know all of them!)

4.1. 12 Most Common Golf Swing Tips (You must know all of them!) - Golfs Hub


4.3. Golf, a gentleman’s game they say. It’s not only fun but also a premium game. Not everyone can be a good golfer. But, the ones that become, is honored for the rest of his life.

4.4. Playing golf is fun but it’s not easy. You have to equate a lot of things if you want to be a good golfer. One of the most important factors in playing golf is to know the best Golf Swing Techniques. The better your swing, the better player you are. If you’re a newbie and you want to know the best golf swing tips, then you’re in the right place.

4.5. We’ll let you know the 12 most common swing tips that you can use in your daily game.