Reward Mechanisms

This mind map is made based on Henry's slide. It acts as a guide to develop the reward mechanism on DQLab.

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Reward Mechanisms by Mind Map: Reward Mechanisms

1. Kompetensi User

1.1. DQScore

1.1.1. Certificates Project lists # of certificates Learning modules # of certificates Paid opportunities Project base Assistant training

1.1.2. Tests Hardskills SQL Statistics R Mathematics Activity on the platform Softskills Creativity Problem solving Communication Activity on the platform

1.1.3. Data challenges Score from mentor # of submissions

2. Actions Taken

2.1. Badges

2.1.1. Login # of logins

2.1.2. Meetup # of participations

2.1.3. Transactions New 1 month 6 months 12 months Renewal 1 month 6 months 12 months

2.1.4. Social Share DQScore Certificate Photo of meetups Data challenge Referral # of referred persons # of invitations Community engagement # of posts

2.1.5. Profile Percentage of completion

2.1.6. Feedback Survey Testimonial Issues Report bug/ errors Others