U.S government

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U.S government by Mind Map: U.S government

1. Executive branch

1.1. President

1.1.1. Enforce the laws made by Congress

1.1.2. Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces

1.1.3. Must be a native.born American citizen at least 35 years old and at least 14 years a resident of the United States.

1.1.4. Elected for up to two four-year terms

1.1.5. The president can veto a bill of congress

1.1.6. Cabinet

2. Legislative branch

2.1. Congress

2.1.1. Law making

2.1.2. 2 houses The house of Representatives 435 members All states must be represented Senate 100 members

2.1.3. Can declare war

2.1.4. Congress can override the presidents veto by a 2/3 majority

2.1.5. The republic and the Democratic Party Each of the fifty states has a republican and a Democratic Party which shapes its policies to local conditions. Democrats Seen as more liberal Usually supported by trade groups and minority groups such as Jews and blacks Republicans Seen as more conservative Supported by businessmen and the middle class from the suburbs.

3. Secretaries of State

4. National economy

5. Foreign policy

6. Appointed for life

7. Judicial branch

7.1. Supreme Court

7.1.1. 9 members The number of judges can be changed by Congress

7.1.2. They are appointed for life by the President with consent of the senate

7.1.3. They interpret and guard the law and the constitutions

7.1.4. The decisions of the Supreme Court are final

8. American Constitution

8.1. Signed in 1789

8.2. They have created a decentralized government

9. The 50 states

9.1. Have their own political structure

9.2. Each state has a governor and a state assembly

9.3. They can regulate the daily lives of their citizens