Martha Shannon Educational Portfolio Library Media Specialist

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Martha Shannon Educational Portfolio Library Media Specialist by Mind Map: Martha Shannon Educational Portfolio Library Media Specialist

1. Content Pages

1.1. Teaching and Technology Philosophy

1.1.1. "I Believe" Blog Post (LM 5010)

1.1.2. Photos/Videos of Students Work: "Living the Mission"

1.2. ISTE Coaching Standard 1: Visionary Leadership

1.2.1. Advocacy Plan (LM 5010)

1.2.2. Technology Collaboration with Staff Examples (teaching videos, photos, plans)

1.2.3. Long Range Plan (LM 5010)

1.3. ISTE Coaching Standard 2: Teaching, Learning and Assessments

1.3.1. STEM Integration - Makerspace/Library Media Class Student Photos and Examples of Work

1.3.2. Technology Tools in Our Library

1.3.3. Differentiation & Coding Across Grade Levels PreK-8

1.3.4. Technology Assessments

1.4. ISTE Coaching Standard 3: Digital Age Learning Environments

1.4.1. SWOT Analysis (LM 5010): Makerspace

1.4.2. Adaptive and Assistive Technology

1.4.3. Digital Tools to Communicate with Community - Collaboration with Teachers

1.4.4. Management and Teaching Strategies in a Digital Environment in a One-to-One Technology School

1.5. ISTE Coaching Standard 4: Professional Development and Program Evaluation

1.5.1. Professional Development and Training

1.5.2. Hour of Code Night - Students Teach Their Families

1.5.3. Collaboration with University of Maine: VCS Students Teaching Future Teachers about Technology

1.6. ISTE Coaching Standard 5: Digital Citizenship

1.6.1. Digital Citizenship Courses and Student Work Examples

1.6.2. Website Evaluation (LM 5030)

1.7. ISTE Coaching Standard 6: Content Knowledge and Professional Growth

1.7.1. ISTE and ALA/AASL Standard Alignment for Library Media

1.7.2. The 4 C's: Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking, (Digital) Citizenship

1.7.3. Conferences/Workshops/Courses to Engage in Continual Learning and Deepen Knowledge

2. Homepage/Welcome

2.1. Introduction

2.1.1. Photos of Library/Makerspace

2.1.2. Photo/Video Introduction of Myself Job Title(s): Library Media Specialist, Grade 3 & 6 Math, Yearbook Advisor ... Educational History, Academic Achievements & Training

3. About

3.1. Resume

3.2. VCS and Library Social Media & Blog Links

3.2.1. VCS Website/App:

3.2.2. VCS Facebook Page:

3.2.3. VCS Library Blog:

3.3. School Contact Information