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Measurement by Mind Map: Measurement

1. Perimeter

1.1. if you want to add fences to your house you need to know how many you need.

1.2. If your building LEGO on a baseplate you need to know how many bricks or plates you can fit.

1.2.1. You might want to measure the perimeter of the top of your table so that you know how many plates you can fit on it.

2. Volume

2.1. When your buying home appliances you need to know if you can fit your things inside. Examples of these are

2.1.1. A Microwave

2.1.2. A Fridge You may also want to know how many LEGO pieces or minifigures you can fit inside your LEGO structures. If you want to know how much you can fit inside a box

3. Surface Area

3.1. If your painting a house then you need to know how much paint you need

3.1.1. if your wrapping gifts you need to know the surface area of the gift to use the exact amount of wrapping paper.

3.1.2. You need to know the surface area of your house so you know how many shingles or windows you need.