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Self-management by Mind Map: Self-management

1. Literature classes serve to acquire...

1.1. organizational skills like

1.1.1. time manegement

1.1.2. goal setting

1.1.3. Learn study techniques

1.2. affective skills like

1.2.1. Managing state of mind

1.2.2. motivation

1.2.3. resilience

2. And the learner portfolio helps because...

2.1. It allows to plan the tasks

2.2. Lets practice the skills

2.3. allows you to take note of ideas and projectc that can later be used

2.4. lets see the difference between your fisrt skills and the subsequent ones

2.4.1. Lets see what is learned from mistakes!!!

3. And it migth be used with intertextuality because...

3.1. The student must consider as objective to find retattionships between different texts

3.2. He must organize the reading of different texts

3.3. Do not be demoralized in the absence of ideas

3.4. And learn from his mistakes