Wellbeing of Jacob

Wellbeing of Jacob - ADHD and ODD

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Wellbeing of Jacob by Mind Map: Wellbeing of Jacob

1. Behaviours

1.1. Special Needs

1.1.1. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: ADHD Effective strategies Verbal strategies Non-verbal strategies Definition A person with ADHD has differences in brain development and brain activity that affect attention, the ability to sit still, and self-control

1.1.2. Oppostional Defiant Disorder: ODD Effective strategies Verbal strategies Non-verbal strategies Definition A childhood behavioural problem characterised by constant disobedience and hostility

2. Family

2.1. Single parent (Mother)

2.1.1. Two younger siblings

2.1.2. Seldom sees his father

2.1.3. Jacob demonstrates no respect for authority

2.1.4. Involvement in the decision making process that affects Jacob at a personal level

2.1.5. Experiences of anxiety and stress for a child with diverse needs

3. School

3.1. School policy

3.1.1. Behavioural policy Behaviour management plans Specific to the child

3.2. Relationship between parent and teacher through constant communication

3.2.1. Strategies Implemented at home and school

3.3. Ensure the least restrictive environment for Jacob

3.3.1. Funding for LSO's

3.4. Relationships with peers

3.4.1. Students in class demonstrate 'patience, respect and understanding' of students with diverse needs

3.4.2. Encourage cooperative learning Fosters interdependence, student engagement, decision-making and problem solving processes

3.4.3. Use peers for learning

3.5. Catholic Social Teachings

3.5.1. The Common Good

4. Teacher

4.1. Jacob demonstrates no respect for authority in the classroom

4.1.1. Implement classroom expectations of behaviour using rules/guidelines/contracts

4.2. Implement appropriate and reasonable educational adjustments

4.2.1. Offer choices

4.2.2. Prepare Jacob for transition or change

4.2.3. Establish whole class/personal rules and guidelines

4.2.4. Use positive peer model to guide Jacob of appropriate behaviours and assistance

4.2.5. Allow time for movement, e.g. recess, brain breaks

4.2.6. Hands on learning, use physical and visual cues

4.2.7. Reduce potential distractions

4.3. Conscious and deliberate planned lessons focusing on learning outcomes

4.3.1. Important for the overall wellbeing and feeling of inclusive at school

4.4. Provide the resources to manage Jacob's behaviour and learning

4.4.1. Work with colleagues and PD's to develop skills for differentiation

4.5. Equality vs. Equity for students

5. Resources

5.1. Reach Out

5.2. Kids Matter

5.3. Educational adjustments

5.4. Bounce Back

6. Characteristics of Jacob

6.1. Resilient

6.1.1. Bounce Back program

6.2. Humourous

6.2.1. "Class Clown persona"

6.3. Confident

6.3.1. Abrupt at times, 'bossy'

6.3.2. Doesn't like to lose or be told no, lack of discipline

6.4. Competitive

6.4.1. Enjoys sport as a subject

6.4.2. Jacob always wants to be a leader, demonstrate authoritative values

6.5. Highly anxious

6.6. Sensory