Concept map 11

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Concept map 11 by Mind Map: Concept map 11

1. Technological development and the Restoration

1.1. faith is required to be able to answer some of the more jarring questions.

1.2. many dangers come with t he use of technology but it should be used for good.

2. 1820

2.1. prosperity began flowing after.

2.2. tremendous amount of technology and economic growth.

3. Agricultural Age

3.1. Industrial Age

3.1.1. began in england

3.2. Information Age

3.2.1. post industrial age

4. Source of temporal knowledge

4.1. "Nothing shall be withheld"

4.1.1. all willl be revealed

4.1.2. knowing more puts you ahead of the game.

5. Benefits of technology

5.1. Efficiency

5.2. Innovation

5.3. Communication across the world

5.4. Improve learning

5.5. secure property rights,safe haven for scientific rationalism, free capital market

6. Concerns of technology

6.1. distraction

6.2. Cybersecurity

6.3. Possible association with depression

6.4. possibly affects brain development in children

7. Theocracy of science

8. Effects of technology on rule of law, free markets and public virtue.