Communicative Competence

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Communicative Competence by Mind Map: Communicative Competence

1. Use language in Communicative Situation (Hymes, 1972)

1.1. Knowledge and Ability for use

1.1.1. Formally Possible

1.1.2. Implementation Available

1.1.3. Appropriate in relation with the context

1.1.4. Something Performed

2. Knowledge of linguistic and sociolinguistic convention

2.1. Garmmatical Principles

2.2. Use language in social context

2.3. Combine utterances and communicative funtions

3. Models (Canale & Swain, 1980)

3.1. Grammatical

3.1.1. Linguistic Code

3.2. Sociolinguistic

3.2.1. Rules and Conventions

3.3. Discourse competence

3.3.1. Forms and Meaning combined (Spoken o Written Texts)

3.4. Strategic Competence

3.4.1. Verbal or no-verbal communication Paraphrase Circumlocution Repetition Reluctance Avoidance of words Register and Style

4. Language Ability (Bachman, 1990)

4.1. Language Knowledge

4.1.1. Organisation Formal Language Structures

4.1.2. Pragmatic Create and interpret Discourse "How people communicate information about feelings" (Oller, 1970)

4.2. Strategic Competence