5 Elements of a Story: Frozen

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5 Elements of a Story: Frozen by Mind Map: 5 Elements of a Story: Frozen

1. Plot

1.1. Elsa had a magic power and she hits Anna's head accidentally when they played together. Since then, Anna cannot play with her sister Elsa anymore. Their parents die, Elsa becomes a queen. She casts her spell and kingdom becomes trapped in perpetual winter. Anna tries to find Elsa but, when she met her, Elsa casts her spell and hits her power in Anna's heart. Is she OK?

2. Characters

2.1. Elsa

2.2. Anna

2.3. Kristopher

2.4. Olaf

2.5. Hans

2.6. Pabbie

3. Theme

3.1. Don't Shut your love ones out

4. Conflict

4.1. man vs. man and man vs. self

5. Setting

5.1. Elsa's castle, Fictional land based on the country of Norway.