How to improve writing skills through the use of ICT

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How to improve writing skills through the use of ICT by Mind Map: How to improve writing skills through the use of ICT

1. Lindsay Sabatino

1.1. Digital Literacies

1.2. Technology

1.3. Facebook, gaming, and composition literacies

1.3.1. Mafia Wars Advantage Learn in a fun way Disadvantage It can create an addiction

2. Janie S.

2.1. Microblogging

2.1.1. Hand-in-hand Social networking

2.1.2. Edmodo

2.2. Purpose

2.2.1. Explore Adolescent students Use microblogging

2.3. Methods

2.3.1. Study Qualitative exploratory

2.4. Incomporation of digital literacies

3. Kong Hoo Lee

3.1. Error of Analysis of English Writings Created by EFL Learners

3.1.1. Grammatical Category & Error Analysis English Writing Skills Linguistic Nature and its usages

3.1.2. Error Handing Morphology Sintax Context

3.1.3. Mobile-based English Learning Tool System Overview Mobile App App interface

4. Heidy Robles

4.1. Genre Pedagogical Approach (GPA)

4.2. Mobile learning

4.2.1. Improve writing skills in second language

4.2.2. Teach foreign languages Computer-Assisted Language Learning

4.2.3. Podcasts

4.3. Writing skills

4.4. The Functional-Systemic Approach

4.4.1. Language Ideational Interpersonal Textual

4.4.2. Functional Systemic Linguistics (FSL)

4.5. Text Qualities

4.5.1. Personal recount Entertaining or informing Reorientation

4.5.2. Autobiography Events in the life

4.5.3. Short story Structure Orientation Complication Resolution

4.6. Method

4.6.1. Defined by Sampieri and Mendoza

4.6.2. Quantitative and qualitative