The royal bank of Canada monthly letter

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The royal bank of Canada monthly letter by Mind Map: The royal bank of Canada monthly letter

1. Shakespeare was the most important poet and his poems made him an importan person in the literature

2. When Michaelangelo died , Montaige publised essays

3. The masacre of St Bartholomew Netherlands provinces joinen together of drive out the spanish

4. Poland made public debates about religion and changed herediatry to elective monarchy

5. Hamlet was a best a seller and published at least five times during the poet's lifetime

6. Shakespeare's works quickly crossed the frontiers of countries and the boindaries of language

7. Hamlet's soliloquy that stars with the poem "tobe or not to be" that is the most famus speech in modern literature

8. Shakespeare gave lessons and tools and after and the point of view about Hamlet

9. In the script included the fear with the expression "mostruos "