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Website by Mind Map: Website

1. Get info from ppl

1.1. Get a list of what u need from ppl -- Bio, mugshot, pubs

1.2. Email them, slack them (Give a week to 2)

2. Word Doc

2.1. Monday Presentation

3. Research on lab websites

3.1. Check website

3.1.1. Eddie Chang Welcome Our Team Speech Lab Discoveries SUBNETS Publications News Open Positions* Upcoming Events Neural Auditory Response Demo Location Edward Chang

3.1.2. Caltech Home Research T&C Chen BMI Center Publications People In the News Collaborators&Funding Neuroprosthetics Classes Events

3.1.3. Valero? Projects Book People Publications Work with us

3.1.4. Carmena Research Publications People News

3.1.5. Courtine? Publications Public data Team Alumni Students and Open positions Funding Press / Media Life at G-lab Contact

3.1.6. NPNL? About People Research » Publications Resources » News Contact NPNL | Neural Plasticity & Neurorehabilitation Lab

3.1.7. Sanger? Home Research Clinical Trials People Publications Links Contact Blog

3.1.8. Shenoy? Overview People News Papers Chapters Conferences Preprints Talks Artwork Code Data Prof. Shenoy Home

3.1.9. Gilja? Home Research People Publications Conferences


4. Think about frame work