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Reading by Mind Map: Reading

1. Physical Reading

1.1. There is nothing better than holding the book you are reading in your hand. The weight, the smell, the sight.

1.2. Depending on the size of the book, the weight can be a but much to hold.

2. Audiobook Listening

2.1. The benefit of reading and being able to do something extra around the house!

2.2. It is incredibly easy to get distracted while listening and then the need to rewind and try to focus on what was missed.

3. e-Reading

3.1. With an e-reader, you can read anywhere and at any time regardless of light levels.

3.2. There is no tactile feeling of holding a book in your hands. The weight is not there and neither is the smell of holding a book in your hand.

4. Watching an Adaptation

4.1. You get a visualization of the world the author created

4.2. Some scenes from the book can be cut leaving some potential questions left unanswered.