learning process of listening

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learning process of listening by Mind Map: learning process of listening

1. Learning to listen in Englis (Initial stages)

1.1. Give the Children confidence

1.1.1. Generate safety in children with gestural, visual, postural, auditory supports ... to promote understanding.

1.2. Explain why the children have to listen

1.2.1. Generate different types of listening activities: calm activities, energy and kinesthetic activities, activities to promote the pragmatic use of language ...

1.3. Help Children develop specific strategies for listening

1.3.1. Activities to generate learning strategies: predicting, understanding the general idea and recognizing patterns (and, then, so ...) that can be extrapolated to any listening process

1.4. Set a specific listening task

1.4.1. Generate activities to support comprehension before, during and after a listening activity.

1.5. Organize listening

1.5.1. Create a space for corners where students can work in groups activities with sound messages using technological devices (being able to help with headphones so as not to interrupt the rhythm of the class).