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Alumni Publications by Mind Map: Alumni Publications

1. Sheridan

1.1. Shared online in blog format

1.2. "Grad to Watch" spotlights

1.3. Grads write their own stories about what they do

1.3.1. i.e.: "How to help your company survive a cyber attack" by IT Security Grad

1.4. Offers a print copy on request

1.5. Uses issuu for publication

2. Seneca

2.1. Major donor story feature

2.2. Focus on employment services

2.3. Great use of timelines

2.4. One longer feature-length article

2.5. Has a permanent donation button built into platform

2.6. Heavy use of entrepreneurial language

2.7. Uses nxtbook for publication

3. Centennial

3.1. Cover describes "for alumni & friends"

3.2. Feature on campus bees/infrastructure

3.3. Peppered with quotes from grads

3.4. Includes calendar of events

3.5. Uses for publication

4. Humber

4.1. Reads like a traditional blog

4.2. Good use of sidebars

4.3. Not super innovative

4.4. More coverage of beekeeping

5. Dartmouth

5.1. Lots of alumni profiles

5.2. Focus on grads of the past 10 years

5.3. Very high quality writing

5.4. Lots of short pieces w/graphics/photos

5.5. Writing by journalism students

5.6. Informative articles by experts, esp. professors and coordinators

5.7. Includes classifieds section about local community

5.8. Culinary alumni sharing recipes from their restaurants!

5.9. Reads like a traditional blog

6. Bay of Quinte RMB

6.1. Leverages community experts

6.2. Uses maps for context

6.3. Lots of graphics/illustrations interspersed with wordier content keeps the format fresh

6.4. Directs back to social often

6.5. Does a great job contextualizing the authors of each piece, connecting to the community.

7. Clusters

7.1. Health, Human Services, Social Development and Public Safety

7.2. Cross-Cultural Understanding

7.3. Bio-Economy & Agri-tech

7.4. Advanced Manufacturing and Business Automation

7.5. Creative Communication and Social Economy

7.6. International Business, Progressive Trade & Transportation

7.7. Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Business Development

7.8. Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math

7.9. Hospitality and Destination Development

8. Paperlit

8.1. Use existing Wordpress as CMS. Content lives on web and app

8.2. Interactive content + digital reflow capable

8.3. Optimized for tablet/mobile users

8.4. Doesn't seem to be any viable competitors in the space

8.5. Resources and case studies for educational clients

8.6. Can embed audio - great podcasts coming from 91x!

8.7. Cross-audience communication. A Loyalist College app for everyone from prospective to alumni.

8.8. Push notifications!

9. Additional Ideas

9.1. Young Alumni Features

9.2. Makers & Entrepreneurs

9.3. Future Alumni: Where are they going? (Destination)

9.4. Organize by clusters

9.5. Regional tie-in - mapping campuses and resources in between them (AFVC, private schools for children, etc.) ??

9.6. Grads to Follow: alumni with popular online channels.

9.7. Interactive polls

9.8. "Only in Quinte" unique community events on/off campus

9.9. Looking ahead to 2020: Programs that wouldn't have existed 20 years ago?