Sustainability in Tea Production

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Sustainability in Tea Production by Mind Map: Sustainability in Tea Production

1. Environment

1.1. production of tea has issues associated with fertilizer such ammonia and nitrate-based fertilizers. The fertilizers can cause multiple problems to the environment such damaging aquatic ecosystem, soil acidification, and contamination of water supplies. Toxic chemical such as pesticides are also use. These pesticide have negative impacts on human health and wildlife.

1.2. It is really important the companies to good management of fertilizers and pesticides; soil management

2. Economy

2.1. Low compensation among workers. Farmers who work on the tea plantation struggling to reach the threshold necessary to be considered a living wage. Only tiny portion of the final price of tea reaches the workers who grew the tea.

2.1.1. Fair trade improves working condition concerning the percentage of profit that workers make.

3. Society

3.1. Labor Rights and Standard : There is a major differences in industrialized vs developing countries. Many poor countries use child labor in the farm. those children have to work long hours shift in the unhealthy condition. these These also do not treated fairly their workers.

3.1.1. It is really important for the companies to respect labor rights and standard; workers health and safety, farmer organization