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Madi by Mind Map: Madi

1. Being open to trying new things and challenging myself helps me learn

2. My grade 6 teacher

3. Melissa and Maddy

4. Andrea

5. Jeff

6. How good it feels knowing that there are people who are loyal to me

7. Known her for a very long time which makes this friendship important and valuable

8. Smart

9. Having experiences with fake friends and people who have turned on me when a better opportunity came for them

10. Funny

11. Trust and respect

12. Having a positive outlook on life

13. My brother is very open minded and inspires me to be more open minded and to look on the bright side of things

14. Having experiences with negative people that bring my mood down.

15. Knowing people with different belifs than me inspire and make my values stronger

16. My family

17. Emily

18. Tyler

19. Andrea

20. Jeff

21. Grade 9 and 10

22. my last year at dance

23. I trust and respect my best friends, my parents and my role models

24. Putting my trust into someone and expecting the same in return

25. Having experiences with people who were not loyal to me

26. Role models

27. Seeing a therapist when times got hard has helped me work on mindfulness

28. Michelle

29. My best friends who are always there for me and people I can always count on

30. Sierra

31. Lauren

32. Chantal

33. Amy

34. Annika

35. Melissa

36. Maddy

37. My parents

38. Relying on my parents has been a great way for me to learn to be reliable for other people

39. Leaning about how animals are treated in order to serve for the worlds population

40. Loyalty

41. Being a vegetarian

42. Friends

43. Open Mindedness

44. Reliability