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Ivy Park by Mind Map: Ivy Park

1. 2) Connecting to readers

1.1. The brand is activewear

1.2. The product creates new opportunities that changes customer’s lives by promoting a healthy lifestyle.

2. 3) Goal

2.1. Promoting activewear is a good choice because SO many people need it, even the already athletic ones.

2.2. Most people don’t like exercising but exercising saves lives!

2.3. It’s proven that the people who workout more than others, live longer.

3. 1) Whose story?

3.1. Owner: Beyonce Knowles

3.2. Clothing brand

3.3. Activewear made for women

4. 6) Enable Action

4.1. It’s not about the clothing, it’s about living a better life. Customers are looking to feel good. At the end of the day, working out makes people feel better about themselves which makes other people want to tell a friend. From there, it’s a never ending cycle.

5. 5) Engage

5.1. Ivy Park is relatable to people especially those overweight. There is a high want and demand for workout clothes. The customers are the protagonists because they are the ones supporting the business.

6. 4) Attention

6.1. The brand promotes gym life hoping customers will feel responsive enough to engage with the products.