The Strategy for Decision Making Module

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The Strategy for Decision Making Module by Mind Map: The Strategy for Decision Making Module

1. Description

1.1. Occured in 12 spells/ 3 weeks

1.2. Strategy concepts, process, content

1.3. Macroenvironment analysis

1.3.1. PESTEL, STEEPLE models

1.3.2. Porter's Five Forces

1.4. Firm analysis

1.4.1. SWOT

1.4.2. Porter's Value chain

1.5. Assignment, on-class exercises, presentation

1.6. Strategic positioning & Netwoork level strategy

2. Interpretation

2.1. Knowledge

2.1.1. Studied concepts & theories particularly

2.1.2. Haven't invested enough on human factor

2.2. Exercises

2.2.1. debate, presentation, assignments help student understand knowledge considerably

2.2.2. Ondubate, lecturer should make sum for the whole

2.2.3. Teamwork makes better result

3. Outcome

3.1. personal skills were improved

3.1.1. Time management

3.1.2. data selection

3.1.3. speaking in public

3.1.4. reflection

3.2. Apply analysis models to real work/ business

3.3. Understand entrepreneurs and create favorable business environment for them