improving writing skills through the use of ICT

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improving writing skills through the use of ICT by Mind Map: improving writing skills through the use of ICT

1. Noriega

1.1. Genre approach

1.1.1. Mobile technology, increases writing ability

1.1.2. Podcast

1.1.3. Minibiographies

1.2. Use of Mobile phone to improve writing skills

2. Sabatino´s ideas

2.1. Integration of gaming and composition as a way to develop writing practices.

2.2. Connect to the facebook gaming world

2.2.1. Mafia wars is a good example of it

2.3. Engagement

2.3.1. Engage students with short and interesting writing tasks about gaming

2.4. Problem solving

2.4.1. Facing the challenges in the game students learn how to deal with problems and develop critical thinking

2.5. Colaboration

2.5.1. Networking and communicating with others through a digital medium such as facebook.

3. Kong Joo Lee

3.1. Mobile-base English learning toll

3.1.1. Grammar review mode Answering question of interest

3.1.2. Writing practice mode suggested question which is considered helpful to the learner

3.2. error analysis

3.2.1. System overview

3.2.2. App interface

4. Janie S. Jones and Margaret L. Rice

4.1. Microblogging tool

4.1.1. Edmodo participants Students Parents Teachers

4.2. Social media

4.3. well use of the Internet