Personality Disorders

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Personality Disorders by Mind Map: Personality Disorders

1. Are characterized by an enduring pattern of maladaptive thoughts,feelings and behavirs

1.1. Types of personality disorders include:

1.1.1. Antisocial personality disorder is characterized by a long standing disregard for rules,social norms

1.1.2. ²-Avoidant personality disorder involves severe social inhibition and sensitivity to rejection ⁴-dependent personality disorder involves a chronic pattern of fearing separation and an excessive need to be taken care of Narcissistic personality disorder is associated with a lasting pattern of exaggerated self image, self centeredness ,and low empathy

1.1.3. New Topic Schizoid personality disorder involves symptoms that include being detached from social relationships New Topic 3-Borderline personality disorder is associated with symptoms including emotional instability, unstable self image and impulsive behaviors