Shakespeare's Plays

Mind map about how Shakespeare's plays are like modern day entertainment

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Shakespeare's Plays by Mind Map: Shakespeare's Plays

1. Potentially shut down by goverment for religious or political reasons

2. Business

2.1. Plays had to gather a lot of attention to be successful

2.2. Shakespeare may have been an artist, but making money was a priority

2.3. made money

2.4. people with more money got a better experience

3. Entertainment

3.1. violence

3.2. action

3.3. comedy

3.4. romance

4. Took a lot of people and work

4.1. actors

4.1.1. had to audition

4.1.2. possible sexism in establishing roles

4.2. writers (not just Shakespeare)

4.3. had to be concerned with the safety of actors

4.3.1. there were accidents like the fire that burned down the Globe in 1613

5. audience

5.1. wide audience regardless of background

5.1.1. crowds could get rowdy

5.2. plays had to be about whatever the audience was used to

6. How are Shakespeare's plays like modern day forms of entertainment like movies and TV shows?