Marine Biologist

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Marine Biologist by Mind Map: Marine Biologist

1. Qualifications

1.1. Level 3

1.1.1. A Levels Biology Grade 5-9 Mathematics Grade 5-9

1.1.2. Cambridge Pre-U Geography Biology Mathematics

1.1.3. AS Levels Biology Mathematics

2. Teamwork

2.1. The ability to work effectively with others in order to achieve a common goal.

2.2. Asking other people's opinions about their findings and helping each other in situations

3. Planning

3.1. The ability to identify objectives and create a strategy to achieve them.

3.2. They need to research different types of species whether if they are dangerous or safe.

3.2.1. Marine Species

3.2.2. Diseases

3.2.3. Environmental diseases

4. Computer Skills

4.1. The ability to use computers and related technology to at least a basic level.

4.2. You need computer skills to understand how to use specialised equipment, software and other technology.

5. Verbal Communication

5.1. Using sounds and language to express myself productively

5.1.1. Signalling to each other, on the direction they might go or it's time to go above the surface.

5.1.2. Signalling to each other suggesting they could be near a dangerous plant or an mammal e.g. a shark is coming their way.

6. Ambitious

6.1. Having a strong desire and determination to succeed.

6.1.1. You need the ambition to combat the challenges facing this diverse environment and play an active

6.1.2. Positive role in understanding and protecting marine biodiversity and the future of our oceans

7. Committed

7.1. Seeing things through to the end.

7.1.1. To improve the understanding of the marine world.

7.1.2. To understand and predict changes in ecosystems affected by human and natural disturbances.

8. Motivated

8.1. A strong desire to accomplish a task.

8.1.1. You are preparing for a life in science. Science education in high school is a must.

8.1.2. Nearly all school systems teach biology, chemistry, earth sciences, and physics.

9. Outgoing

9.1. A tendency to meet and make new friends.

9.1.1. Making friends with staff members to get closer to them and understand what's it like to be a professional marine biologist.

9.1.2. Promoting conservation and encouraging change in the way we treat the environment are important roles for many marine biologists.

10. Eye for detail

10.1. Good at noticing small but important things that other people may not.

10.1.1. Marine Biologist need to be patient and determined along with excellent problem-solving skills to find solutions to challenges whilst out on the ocean

11. My Skills

11.1. Accuracy

11.2. Computer skills

11.3. Numeracy

11.4. Organising

11.5. Planning

11.6. Teamwork

11.7. Verbal Communication

12. Experience you may need

12.1. Protecting the environment

12.2. Working regular hours

12.3. Being respected in society

12.4. Working outdoors

12.5. Working with animals

12.6. Challenging environments

12.6.1. Hot or cold

12.6.2. Dirty or smelly