Techniques of evaluation of group dynamics

Techniques of evaluation of group dynamics

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Techniques of evaluation of group dynamics by Mind Map: Techniques of evaluation of group dynamics

1. Sociogram

1.1. They are illustrations of a relationship at a point in time.

1.1.1. Characteristics Indicates an individual, group organization, nation, etc. The strength of the relationship is indicated by the wider lines, such as between the two individuals on the far left They can provide a framework for clarifying other available data They can provide a diagnostic tool, a baseline measure, or a framework for replication Provide a picture of the general pattern of communication or relationship studied

2. Interview

2.1. Interviews share many characteristics with other types of communication. Certainly, all of the properties of communication discussed throughout the book remain intact.

2.1.1. Characteristics Goal-Driven Question–Answer. Structured Controlled Unbalanced

3. Observation

3.1. The length of the observation periods, the interval between them, the number of observations, the area or situation of observation and various techniques used for observation are carefully planned.

3.1.1. Characteristics Systematic Method Specific Objetive Quantitative Affair of Eyes Definite Aim