Life Plan 10nth grade 2019-2020

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Life Plan 10nth grade 2019-2020 by Mind Map: Life Plan 10nth grade  2019-2020

1. School Goals

1.1. I want do my homework so I can pass my classes.

1.2. I want get straight A’s so i can in to 11th grade with a 4.0 GPA.

1.3. I want move from my advisor position in the hear me club to VIce-president.

2. Summer Goals

2.1. I want attend summer school and take Math 1 and English 1.

2.2. I want go to AAU Reno Nevada track meet in July.

2.3. I want take care of my FFA market show lamb during the summer.

3. Health Goals

3.1. I want to eat healthier and have a better diet.

3.2. I wnat to run in off season of cross country and track to become a better runner.

3.3. I want to go to the gym more often.

4. Skill goals

4.1. I want get better at running to make Varsity again.

4.2. I want get better at public speaking so I could talkin in public.

4.3. I want become a better cook and baker

5. Hobbie Goals

5.1. I want to start to lift more weight at the gym to get stronger.

5.2. I want go fisshing to have fun and to relief stress.

5.3. Go running in a diffrient setting or a diffrient places explore a little more.

6. Friend goals

6.1. I want make more time for my frineds to spend more time with them.

6.2. I want go out with frinds examplr to the movies or to the fair.

6.3. I want reconnect with old frimnds.

7. Family goals

7.1. I want to spend more time with my family.

7.2. I want I want o out with them more try not to stay home.

7.3. GO on Family trips stop staying home.