Chapter 5: Conclusion: Who are the UDL guidelines for?

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Chapter 5: Conclusion: Who are the UDL guidelines for? by Mind Map: Chapter 5: Conclusion: Who are the UDL guidelines for?

1. Instructional Designers

1.1. UDL guidelines help aid in creation of:

1.1.1. A book

1.1.2. Educational Games

1.1.3. An Activity

1.1.4. A lesson

1.1.5. Interactive Activity

1.1.6. Full curriculums

1.1.7. A resource

2. Guiding Questions

2.1. What curriculum to purchase for a district?

2.2. What online resources to recommend to students or other teachers?

2.3. What kinds of assessments to select to provide valid and accurate data for making instructional decisions?

2.4. How am I, as the instructional designer or educator, contributing to the learning disability of the learning environment?

3. Teachers

3.1. Choose resources with appropriate kinds of flexibility to meet that variability of the students.

4. Schools

4.1. Stimulate discussion with colleagues about the UDL process and how to best apply it to current practices in the classroom.

5. States

5.1. Assessments

6. School Districts

6.1. Curriculum decisions

7. Purpose

7.1. Equity of Learners

7.1.1. A measure of achievement, fairness, and opportunity in education

7.2. A learning instrument

7.2.1. A guide for self-reflection and the revision of teaching practices

7.3. Scaffolding

7.3.1. A temporary support that allows learners to develop strategies, skills, and/or understanding.

7.4. Diversity of Learners

7.5. Provides a student with opportunities to decide how they want to learn a given material.

7.6. Learning activities with UDL should be:

7.6.1. Flexible

7.6.2. Effective

7.6.3. Differentiated

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