CyberSecurity Preparedness in Emergency Management

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CyberSecurity Preparedness in Emergency Management by Mind Map: CyberSecurity Preparedness in Emergency Management

1. How is the profession of cybersecurity expanding

1.1. What technological advances have been achieved in cybersecurity. Where is the technology going?

1.2. What are some concepts of cybersecurity (keep it brief as the focus is on EM and cybersecurity

2. How has technology evolved in emergency management applications

2.1. How could that technology be compromised via cyberattack?

2.2. What are some technologies that emergency managers use to perform their duties.

3. What sort of implications do cybercrimes have on government operations

3.1. As emergency management is in some capacities a government function, how could cybercriminals/terrorists impact the ability of emergency mangers to perform.

4. How could cybercrime or cyberterrorism effect the every day lives of civilians

4.1. What could a cyberattack do to sectors such as transportation, energy, production or finance

5. In what ways could cybercriminals utilize the technologies shared by civilians and the emergency management communities to cause harm or confusion among each other.

6. What training or education is currently being offered to emergency management practitioners.