How to swing a Golf Club-Beginner to Pro

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How to swing a Golf Club-Beginner to Pro by Mind Map: How to swing a Golf Club-Beginner to Pro

1. Golf is a game of Patience and perfection. Did I say Perfection? It must require patience for a great performance, but perfection is a word for your diary. You cannot be perfect for your shot or any other tasks. So you should try to improve what you have and what you can achieve.

2. Swing a Golf Club is the most basic and number one technique to follow in a Golf Course. You certainly don’t want to be a part of a joke missing your first shot. When you take the shot, you might need to focus on your swing, direction, and distance.

2.1. There should be three categories to answer how to swing a Golf club.

2.2. Beginners Target

2.3. The patience of getting going

2.4. Pro like Focus

3. In this article, I am going to introduce you with the pro like swing of a club starting from a beginner. It is very important to adjust your club with the best golf swing techniques shot.

4. Steps of Golf Swing Techniques

4.1. The posture or ultimate stance


4.2. Different Grips

4.2.1. Baseball Grip:

4.2.2. Overlap Grip:

4.2.3. Interlocking Grip:

4.3. The final phase – Swing of the club

4.3.1. The Back swing:

4.3.2. The Downswing:

4.3.3. The impact and Follow through:

4.4. Accurate your Slice

4.5. Correct the hook

4.6. Manage your swings which don’t hit your ball directly.

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