Illegal gold mining

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Illegal gold mining by Mind Map: Illegal gold mining

1. Less developed countries can be easily manipulated to produce cheap or illegal gold mining services

2. Current solutions

2.1. Government monitoring

2.2. U.S protection laws

3. Limitations

3.1. Less developed countries are less likely to obey and enforce laws

3.2. The current feasible methods of gold extraction cause harmful impacts to health and environments

4. Reasons

4.1. High profit margins leveraged on cheap labour

5. New solutions

5.1. R&D new technologies or chemicals that can perform gold extraction without the harmful impacts on atmosphere and water

5.2. Serial coding on gold to legalise them in the market

5.3. Satelite monitoring on hotspot areas to track illegal activities

5.4. Education programmes to equip miners with the right method and ways to avoid being coerced into illegal practices

6. Enviromental

6.1. The used of Mercury to extract the gold can be damaging to health and the enviroment

6.2. Pollutants will stay in the enviroment for years and affects the food chain and has serious impact on human health

7. Transaction

7.1. Uncontrolled transaction of gold using cash as it is hard to track.

7.2. Crime syndicates are fighting for the mines to gain control of the market