Target Market: 45+

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Target Market: 45+ by Mind Map: Target Market: 45+

1. Host communities place a higher value on older volunteers

1.1. Unskilled young volunteers incur substantial costs

1.2. Older volunteers are able to bring more to a project thanks to their professional knowledge and skills

1.3. Young volunteers pose a threat to the employment of local residents

2. Most volunteer-sending organisations focus on youth

2.1. Reach into an untapped market

3. Free from parenting and work responsibilities

3.1. Time available for volunteering

3.2. Wealthy

3.3. Are not able to develop themselves within their career so look for new ways to evolve themselves

4. Participating motives

4.1. Looking for new experiences and cultures

4.2. Seek new and innovative ways for productive aging

4.3. Fulfil their generativity and ego integrity needs

4.4. Looking for special-interest travel

4.5. Hungry to go off the beaten path

4.6. Want to interact with local people

4.7. Complete need four and five of Maslow's hierarchy of needs

5. Aging society

5.1. Especially in The Netherlands

5.2. Subjective-age

5.2.1. Active

5.2.2. Travel for pleasure

5.2.3. Increasingly healthy

6. Greater levels of satisfactions reported by older adults participating in voluntary work

6.1. High levels of satisfaction result in word-of-mouth promotion