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Animal Adoption by Mind Map: Animal Adoption

1. No socialization

2. Behavioral problems

3. Lack of information received

4. Housebreaking is a chore

5. What you see is not necessarily what you get

6. Poor value

7. Bad health

8. Animals get better training

9. Adoption fights puppy mills

10. Benefits

11. Adoption helps reduce pet over population

12. Adoption helps more than one animal

13. Adoption costs less

14. She was taken into the animal shelte

15. She was fragile and malnourished

16. Nunu was only about 4 weeks old

17. Nunu was found under my nanas house

18. A

19. Why you should not buy an animal anywhere else?

19.1. Causes

20. Why you should adopt at an animal shelter?

21. My Cat

22. Other ways to support animal shelters

22.1. Volunteer or work at an animal shelter

22.2. Foster animals

22.3. Fundraise

22.4. Donate