Taking your Class to the Great Outdoors!

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Taking your Class to the Great Outdoors! by Mind Map: Taking your Class to the Great Outdoors!

1. Toolbox: clipboards; cameras; rulers

1.1. Lesson Starter: Changing Shadows

1.1.1. students will use different objects to create various shadows; shadows are photographed; measured; and repeated at various times throughout the day.

2. Science (sample concept map from Kim L.)

3. Math Sample (Concept Map from Kim L.)

3.1. Toolbox: sidewalk chalk; calculators; math problem worksheets

3.1.1. Lesson Starter: Colorful Math Students will solve various math problems on the sidewalk using sidewalk chalk; colors can be used to distinguish steps and also for corrections

3.2. Toolbox: meter sticks, timers, ball, calculators, worksheets

3.2.1. Lesson Starter: How Can We Describe Motion? Activity: Students will find three different surfaces (flat or inclined) to roll a ball across. Measure the position with respect to time. Translate the data to a graph of position vs. time. Students can derivate to obtain velocity vs. time and derivate again to obtain acceleration vs. time graphs. Students can also be given graphs of motion, and find a scenario with the ball outside that will match the motion graphed.