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Relationships by Mind Map: Relationships

1. love

1.1. couplegoals

1.1.1. instagram photos likes and comments

1.1.2. facebook photos comments and likes

1.1.3. youtube vlogs comments and likes

1.2. couplestruggles

1.2.1. jealousy

1.2.2. social media

1.3. stress

1.3.1. controversy

1.3.2. lack of time

1.4. find “crushes”

1.4.1. tinder lovoo instagram

2. friendship

2.1. real friends

2.1.1. trust and honesty deep talks solve problems together

2.1.2. good vibes fun parties

2.2. fake friends

2.2.1. envy talk about you behind your back act nice to your face

2.2.2. bad vibes bad atmosphere too many lies

2.3. find friends from all over the world

2.3.1. through instagram, facebook

2.4. chatrooms

2.4.1. whatsapp/instagram comments and likes photos

3. family

3.1. trust and honesty

3.1.1. talk with your family members about everything

3.2. parents

3.2.1. your parents give you advice

3.3. siblings

3.3.1. intern jokes have fun together (everytime)

3.3.2. same problems solve problems together

3.4. grandparents

3.4.1. grandma’s food is the best

3.4.2. they protect you even if you've done trouble

3.5. social media

3.5.1. instagram/facebook talk to relatives from all over the world see each other at skype/facetime share family photos make family chatrooms

4. job

4.1. stress

4.1.1. overtime not enough freetime, which you could spend with friends/family

4.2. good colleagues

4.2.1. support you

4.2.2. collegues help you with your work

4.3. boss

4.3.1. understands you supprts you

4.4. chatrooms for colleagues

4.4.1. whatsapp instagram

5. school

5.1. classmates

5.1.1. friends chatrooms for the whole class whatsapp like each other photos instagram

5.1.2. “haters” bad words and bad comments instagram