Pace of Change & Privacy

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Pace of Change & Privacy by Mind Map: Pace of Change & Privacy

1. I used a mind map as I believe it’s a good way to show the differences and the similarity that tie in both pace of change and privacy. By using short posted and images/articles to create awareness of how fast we are going and how our privacy is constantly changing in this new age of technology.

2. The pace of change for technology and privacy online really depends on the individuals use of technology, you can choose to use social media, you can choose to use the new tech that affects privacy. As an individual you have to understand that when you choose to use tech that you are taking responsibilities of what might affect your privacy by posting it online. These 2 topics will constantly affect each other on both a negative and positive way. The reason why can we really keep up with the pace of change and keeping our laws around privacy, probably not because just like the pace of change on tech is changing fast so will our laws on privacy for these new items.

2.1. Why protecting privacy is a losing game today—and how to change the game

3. Again it does bring up concerns of our privacy. Is google secretly listening to your conversations? Is someone making a copy of your voice to get to your valuable information? It really does come down to an individual if they would like to use this fast pace growing technology, new tech will always bring up concerns and issues about privacy but again whatever you post online, stays online. I believe for privacy we are the issues as we posted items online all the time on social media which we don’t always think about how it could affect our privacy. They will always oppose each other because at the fast pace of change means that new tech will constantly becoming out and with that there will always be concerns of privacy.

3.1. Beware the privacy and security risks of smart speakers

4. The reason why I picked these topics is because of their impact they have in society due to technology and how they relate to each other and oppose each other as well. The topics relate together because the more and more technology getting better, the different privacy also gets. With the pace of change comes the more we have to constantly worry about how it will affect our privacy online. Look at the finger print recognition on mobile phones now, when that came out there was a huge concern about Apple and the government now have our finger prints, which everyone knows that each finger print is unique to one’s identity. At the same time it makes our life easier, such as the google home and devices like that, where it recognize your voice to help you with your everyday life. Google home picks up on your voice so it knows who it is talking to, such as saying good morning to it and it then starts to tell you the information you programmed it to tell you like what’s the new, the weather, your daily commutate to work.

4.1. Sample Actions for the Google Assistant

5. Privacy: has been around for years but what does it mean for the web? Privacy as stated by Scott McNealy in the early 1999, “you have zero privacy anyways, Get over it” (Sprenger, 1999), which one the web is true, because once you post something on online regardless of your privacy setting it stays on the internet.

5.1. Now with that being said this also brings up the same concern about privacy, are we really worried about our privacy? Yes there is arguments on both back and fourth about facial recognition about we don’t have privacy as big companies/governments are captured your facial recognition through your phone, but isn’t this a good thing for our society as well? This allows criminals to be caught earlier as their face has been captured and can now be used to scan through cameras that will be able to catch them through a facial scan (Lever, 2018). Either way both has a huge impact in our society.


6. Pace of Change: The “pace of change” is hard to describe but pretty much the meaning is, Technology is constantly changing as a formal rate of speed like no other object. Moore’s Laws describes a piece of technology as so, “The number of transistors incorporated in a chip will approximately double every 24 months” (Intel, n.d.) & the Butter’s law of Photonics is similar to another piece of technology that doubles it’s speed every 9 months (SourceTech411, 2012), in sense it means that technology gets better just after a few months of it coming out.

6.1. iPhone X Face ID VS Touch ID Pros/Cons

6.2. Look at the new features that the Iphone X has that weren’t really around 4-5 years ago, facial recognition has been around for a few years now but not at the capabilities it has now due to technology constantly getting better at a fast rate (Boxall, 2018). Just the different between the software being used, the high-end camera etc that goes into making facial recognition the way it is now. People using facial recognition to lock their phones instead of just a password for easy access and better security.

6.2.1. iPhone X Review: Testing (and Tricking) FaceID