Fetal Pig Development

Pig Development

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Fetal Pig Development by Mind Map: Fetal Pig Development

1. Fetus is unable to digest food but the digestive system is developed prior to birth - nutrients are fed through the umbilical cord

2. Mother

2.1. Placenta

2.1.1. After placenta attaches embryonic cells continue to divide embryo begins to increase in size Endoderm Development of lungs, trachea, thyroid gland and digestive tract Ectoderm Development of skin, nervous system, enamel of teeth, lining of intestines, mammary, and sweat glands, hoofs and hair Mesoderm development of muscles and connective tissues, blood vessels of cells, skeleton, kidneys, and adrenal glands, heart and reproductive organs. Lymphatic system occurs at different intervals and blood circulation Thymus Lymphocyte - spleen

2.1.2. transfers nutrients from mother and fetus

2.2. Heart of mother differs from fetus

3. Birth

3.1. weaning is very important. If not done properly mortality may occur within first 3 days

3.1.1. at birth 2-3 pounds piglets eat from mother teets which have colostrum which help in development Colostrum is needed immediately after birth it contains immuglobulin for brain, heart, pancreas, kidneys, etc.

3.1.2. 4 weeks 15-20 pounds 6-8 weeks of age piglets get weaned

3.1.3. 8 weeks 40-60 lbs

3.1.4. 6 months 270-285 lbs

3.2. Piglets are born with sharp teeth and they are cut within first 3 days so not to hurt the mother

3.3. Umbilical cord is cut 20-23 minutes after birth

3.4. Male/Female

3.5. Juveniles up to 2yrs

3.5.1. young adult 3-7 yrs mature 8-12 Senior 13-15